December 07 2012

7 Ways Reviving the River Could Cure Richmond, Virginia’s Economic Problems

River enjoyment is something that can both bring excitement to a community as well as create great economic opportunities. That is why Richmond, Virginia recently adopted the Richmond Riverfront Plan.

The contemporary plan involves revitalizing the James River by adding new access points, creating open public spaces where people can gather and commune, and by constructing a pier for fishing.

However, while the city’s plan calls for developing new urban design concepts and building new architecture, what is often missed is the impact that can be achieved from revitalizing and reviving the James River. Therefore, river revitalization is now being seen by city officials as not just a way to attract people, but a means to attract economic revitalization to the metro area.

Here are some reasons why reviving the James River could cure some of Richmond’s economic problems.

1. A multi-functional Downtown Richmond

Previous urban planning efforts in the city have shown that having more attractions, within a major metropolitan area, can attract economic redevelopment

2. Redevelop Broad Street

Urban planning developments have been slow for many parts of Broad Street, but the revival of the river could attract more developers to the Richmond area.

3. Create Partnerships

Reviving the James River would create partnerships with neighboring jurisdictions and organizations that have the same river interests.

4. Better market for Richmond

Promoting and advertisements the James River, as a destination, could benefit both the river and the city.

5. Urban Renewal

Reviving the river can revitalize many vacant properties along the James River.

6. More Public Funding Opportunities

Having a more vibrant river will draw more funding dollars to the area. Dollars that can be used for places along the James River, like Browns Island and Rockets Landing.

7. Public Use

Ultimately, having a better river will give Richmonders another entertainment venue for them to enjoy.

Why is reviving a local river so important?

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Jamaal Davis

Jamaal Davis has lived in Richmond, Virginia for over 37 years, where he was born and raised. He studied Urban and Regional Planning at Virginia Commonwealth University. His interests in urban planning began in the low-income neighborhoods of Southside Richmond, Virginia. As a result of those years, he has made it his goal to affect change in his community by changing its surroundings. His passion for planning lies in his desire to understand and change the housing conditions in low-income neighborhoods. He is currently working for a private consulting firm, but he plans on obtaining a planning position within a local government. His ultimate goal is to work for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

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