July 03 2012

Landscape Architecture Themed Business Card Designs

Being able to market yourself is an important skill in any field; and landscape architecture is no exception. In the fast-paced environment that we live in today, you have to be your own advocate. Social networking is an important skill to develop and business cards help make it easier. It’s important to remember that social media can never replace face-to-face interactions the same way a handwritten thank-you card could never be beat by an email.

The field of landscape architecture provides a unique opportunity to combine natural elements with critical information on a business card to create your own branding for environmental design. A business card will help you to make your first impression, so it’s important that it represents you and the work that you do. Aside from your name and company, it may also benefit you to include your website address and links to your Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn pages as well as your phone number and email address. This way, potential clients have the opportunity to look at your background and work before contacting you for more information.

Here are some examples of modern designs for landscape architecture companies:

Landscape Architecture Business Card

Interactive cards catch people’s attention. Nation Builder, a software platform that helps leaders grow and organize communities to achieve great things, uses this inspiring pop-up business card that illustrates a template design of a city. A similar card for a landscape architect might highlight the trees and landscape architecture instead of the buildings.

Another contemporary concept for the conservationist landscape architect are these recycled business cards. Simply create a stamp with your business logo and stamp on anything you’d like!
Landscape Architecture Business Card

Choosing the right designer for your business cards will make all the difference and will help open the lines of communication in a new business relationship. They provide acquaintances with important information that might be easily forgotten, such as your name or company. Better yet, they provide a way for potential clients to have your contact information on hand when a phone book or the Internet may not be immediately accessible.

Do you think that business cards are still as important today for self marketing despite social media forums for networking?

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Patricia Kent

Patricia Kent wrote for The GRID between October 2011 and October 2012. During this time she was a graduate student in Community & Regional Planning with a concentration in Latin American Studies at the University of New Mexico. She was also a recent transplant to Mammoth Lakes, CA. Her interests ranged from political theory and public policy to sustainable tourism. A strong advocate for participatory planning practices, her studies focused on community capacity building and economic development. She believed in fostering entrepreneurship in communities. Currently, Patricia is working on economic sustainability policies that benefit both the preservation of the Eastern Sierras as well as the ever-increasing tourist population.

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2 Responses to “Landscape Architecture Themed Business Card Designs”

  1. Chris Berry Says:

    This was a very interesting read. I agree in that choosing the right design, colours and everything included in making business cards can either make or break your business.

  2. Patricia Says:

    Thanks for your comment, Chris! Design is very important. Because the internet is an integral part of lives these days, it’s important to choose a designer that will create a business card that is not only legible and clear with the most pertinent information but that also makes a lasting impression.

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