August 06 2013

Indianapolis’ Market Days Benefitting Businesses & Community

Indianapolis Farmers' Market

Market days in Indianapolis, Indiana are unlike no other day.  The iconic sound of the bell signalizes the opening of the market, and the whole block instantly comes alive. From the tantalizing aroma of baked goods, to the incredible amount of fresh fruits and vegetables, Wednesdays are very special in downtown Indy.

Going to the farmers’ market is a weekly ritual for many people, and it’s easy to see why. Friends and co-workers gather at the Indianapolis City Market for lunch and families come for the day to enjoy the city. It’s the perfect way to spend your morning or afternoon, and you go home with plenty of goodies in tow! Not to mention, it’s sustainable to support your local farmers and business owners.

Markets are important to cities because they provide city dwellers with fresh, local food at very reasonable prices. In return, farmers are not only earning a living, but directly interacting with the people who eat their food. I won’t forget the smile I received from a woman as I excitedly bought a variety of vegetables and told her about the dish I was going to make for dinner. It’s these little interactions that making living in a city with a farmers’ market so wonderful.

It feels good to get your food so close to home. We all know that grocery stores often receive food from across the country, and that can take weeks! Nothing compares to the fresh taste of fruits or vegetables that have come straight from the farm.

Indianapolis Farmers' Market Booth

Indianapolis has forty regular vendors that participate in the farmers’ market. This summer, the Indianapolis Original Farmers’ Market is open every Wednesday until October 30th from 9:30 am – 1:30 pm, outside the Indy City Market. During the winter, the market is moved indoors to The Platform, a wing of the City Market that houses several organizations with missions focused around supporting healthy neighborhoods in Indianapolis. Updates to the schedule are posted on Facebook.

Do you frequent your city’s farmers’ market? In what ways do you think farmers’ markets benefit cities?

Credits: Images by Laura Granieri. Data linked to sources.

Laura Granieri

Laura Granieri graduated from Ball State University in the spring of 2012 with a Bachelor in Urban & Regional Planning. Upon graduating, she moved to Indianapolis and accepted a position as an AmeriCorps VISTA. She currently works as Program Coordinator at Midtown Indianapolis, Inc. Laura is passionate about urban planning and the relationship between people and the cities in which they live. In her free time, she enjoys attending events around downtown Indy. For The Grid, Laura will be writing about the exciting changes happening in Indianapolis as the city focuses on redevelopment projects, a new transportation system, and a downtown comprehensive plan.

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2 Responses to “Indianapolis’ Market Days Benefitting Businesses & Community”

  1. Chelsea Says:

    I absolutely love that you’ve written such a great piece on the Original Farmers’ Market. I would like to be “that girl” and point out a grammar mistake in the first sentence, though.

    “Market days in Indianapolis, Indiana are unlike no other day.”

    As I’m sure you’ve experienced, ‘Market days in Indianapolis, Indiana are unlike any other day’ rather than ‘unlike no other day.’

    Keep up the good work – readers love to see locavore stories wherever they can find them and as often as you can write them!


  2. Laura Granieri Says:

    Chelsea, thanks for your response! I appreciate your feedback.

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