May 09 2013

Historic Preservation Groups in Phoenix Save Buildings, Liven Up Community

Phoenix, Arizona has earned a reputation as a city of endless stucco boxes, but what many don’t know is that it is actually a city filled with diverse and vibrant neighborhoods. There are dozens of historic neighborhoods in the city with beautiful bungalows possessing fantastic characteristics.

There are many groups working to highlight these historic neighborhoods and the value they offer to Phoenix. One of the most active groups is the group known as Modern Phoenix, a network of architecture and neighborhood enthusiasts who photograph, write about, and tour historic neighborhoods and buildings.

Most recently, their event Left of Central featured a series of home tours and events honoring mid-century modern architecture. Of particular interest was the tour of the David and Gladys Wright house, which was designed by famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright, and was, for a time, under threat of redevelopment. Modern Phoenix, the Arizona Preservation Foundation, and the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy were all critical in the preservation of this architectural masterpiece in Paradise Valley, near Phoenix. Also important in the placement of this home on Phoenix’s list of historically designated places was a petition signed by over 28,000 people.

An historic home in Willo District Phoenix, Arizona

Equal in importance to saving these grandiose homes is the appreciation of more commonplace homes and neighborhoods. Many historic neighborhoods in central Phoenix host an annual home tour, inviting thousands of people into showcase houses throughout the community. The largest of the historic neighborhoods in Phoenix, the Willo Historic District, hosts an annual home tour that draws thousands to appreciate the beautiful home design. Other neighborhoods hosting these events include F.Q. Story, Encanto Palmcroft, and Coronado.

Are there important groups involved in the preservation of beautiful neighborhoods in your city?

Credits: Photo by James Gardner. Data linked to sources.

James Gardner

James is a graduate student in Urban and Environmental Planning at Arizona State University. Growing up in a small, sprawling town in Arizona, James became attracted to the field of planning and design by taking a critical look at his surroundings, and realizing there is a better way to live. With a Bachelors in Public Planning from Northern Arizona University, James has received extensive education in planning, and has worked as a Planner for Yavapai County, Arizona. James is currently focused on the health effects of the built environment in the Phoenix Metro area, and the integration of this focus into topics of transit, transportation, and bicycle and pedestrian planning. James hopes to become a Planner who advocates for a healthier built environment in order to make the cities we live in more vibrant and habitable. James blogged for the Grid with a focus on Phoenix, Arizona projects.

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