April 27 2012

Final Thoughts: A Farewell to Everyone at The GRID and Global Site Plans

As my 6-month internship with Global Site Plans coasts to a gentle close this week, I find myself in a much different place than when I began blogging for the GRID in October 2011.

In the beginning, I was a recent college grad still clinging to my Cornell days by hanging around Ithaca, New York and working for the Town of Ithaca Planning Department. It was a fantastic experience, and provided me with intimate knowledge of interesting local news to blog about. I was lucky enough to write about rails-to-trails conversions, scenic view preservation, housing demand, and waterfront redevelopment in Ithaca with some authority.

As that experience came to a close in December 2011, I began to shift the focus of my articles to New York City – the next great frontier that I hoped to conquer in writing, and in real life. I find it particularly fortuitous that my last topical post was about Bryant Park, as I will be beginning a job with the Bryant Park Corporation in mid-May.


Bye-Bye! (me in a cave in Italy, 2010)

I am grateful to GSP for giving me the opportunity to publish so much original work to the Internet, thus providing something to come up in a Google search for “Nina Coveney” other than a goofy photo of me from high school.  In all seriousness, I will be able to apply the skills I’ve gained in blogging and online marketing for a long time to come. Understanding what it takes to create an effective social media presence is worthwhile for any personal or business venture.

For this, I thank Global Site Plans and especially our editor-in-chief Renée van Staveren, who always kept me on track and offered fantastic support and feedback on my writing. In addition, thank you to all the readers and thoughtful commenters who make our efforts worth it!

Until next time!

Nina Coveney

Nina Coveney graduated from Cornell University in 2011 with a B.S. in Urban and Regional Studies. When she began as a blogger with Global Site Plans, she worked for the Town of Ithaca, New York Planning Department. She then transitioned - in writing and real life - to New York City where she began working in the Events department of the Bryant Park Corporation. She hopes to eventually pursue a Master’s Degree in urban planning and design. A native of the New York City metro area, she blogged about trends in sustainability, housing, transportation, and adaptive reuse in both Ithaca and the Big Apple until April 2012.

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