August 05 2014

Farewell to The Grid from Olivia Dolan in Cork City, Ireland

At the fern gardens, Blarney castle, Cork City, Ireland Olivia Dolan

I’ve been in Cork since 2012. In that time, I’ve had the opportunity to both study and work here and it has opened a lot of opportunities for me. My main interests lie in up-cycling and small start-up businesses and how they are developing in Cork City. In Cork there are a number of small businesses that are developing under government schemes to promote small to medium sized start-up businesses.

During my internship, I learned that Cork is the food capital of Ireland and offers various food festivals that are constantly striving to provide the best produce at the lowest prices. I especially enjoyed learning more about the businesses in Cork and how these are developing, in terms of up-cycling and being environmentally friendly. I really enjoyed meeting Attila and Levente Magyar of Mamukko in Kinsale, two Hungarian brothers that have up-cycled the sails of sunken tall ship Astrid into designer bags and I learned a lot about their business plans and that the core of their business is “converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or for better environmental value.

In terms of infrastructure, I hadn’t realized how much a city puts into areas such as bike lanes, city parks and green routes. For these I talked to Bernie Connolly and Sarah Dannaher in the city council and I wish to thank them as they were very helpful in putting together the information I need to write about Bike Infrastructure, How to Make it Work in a City.” Bernie Connolly, is also program coordinator for Boomerang Bring Back and Re-Use Project .

When I started my internship in January I was very apprehensive about writing blogs – any type of writing in general. But thanks to Renee and her team I managed to write all my posts and finish my internship; especially thanks to Erica Besler, my editor!

Blarney Castle, Cork City, Ireland

In that time, I decided to go to China and teach English again and I’m very happy to be starting this new chapter in my life. During the internship, I’ve learned a lot about writing and editing and especially about deadlines and having to meet them. I’ve also learned how useful my iPhone is for taking pictures for my articles. More importantly, I’ve learned a new way of seeing the city where I live; not as a big scary place, but as a place that’s new and has a lot to offer in terms of its development, buildings and infrastructure.

I would highly recommend writing for The Grid and their brilliant team. I am very grateful for all their help during my internship and for the opportunity of writing about all things Cork! Thank you.

Credit: Images by Olivia Dolan. Data linked to sources.

Olivia Dolan

Olivia has completed a B.A in Natural Science and an M.Sc in Environmental Resource Planning from Trinity College, Dublin. She has done some travelling in Asia and worked in South Korea for three years as an English Foreign Language Teacher. On returning to Ireland she decided to travel more; this time to Vancouver. Her main interests lie in up-cycling and community regeneration projects. Her blogs will deal mainly with her experiences relating to these themes - within the area of west Cork and around Cork city, Ireland.

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