June 27 2012

Farewell from Jeff Jilek: The Grid and Beyond

Jeff Jilek Global Site Plans

I have been a writer for The Grid for over a year and this will be my last writing. I am grateful to Renee Van Staveren, Global Site Plans, and The Grid staff for this opportunity. A lot has been learned through my own research and also through the writings of my peers. The topics were of varying interests and scopes; and information could be gleaned by the amateurs or professionals who read them.

In all of these writings, we share ourselves. Each of us write about the place where we reside and speak on some local phenomena; be it city planning, zoning, branding, or culture. The writings become reference points for where we were and where we are headed in the physical, social, and geographical sense.  The blogs are a quick and easy way for professionals to latch on to important pieces of the local scene in Tempe, or Istanbul, or Detroit; wherever The Grid writing is covering. The Grid writers are from all over the world and are adamant to share their story.

Since I began working in Summer 2011, The Grid will continually see an increase in both the number and perhaps the talent of their writers. I was one of the original writers for this website and am impressed on a weekly basis of the qualified opinions of the newcomers. I have no doubt that one day in the near future GSPs Grid will be one of the most reputable, and professional, blogs in the world.

I, however, am calling it quits because I have decided that I must spend as much time as possible concentrating on my MBA program at ASUs WP Carey School of Business. Added to my Masters of Architecture, it should be a strong degree. Both programs are ranked in the top 25 in the United States and the publications department of the WP Carey school is ranked #1 in the world!

I am excited to complete these degrees and begin practicing. I am certain that lessons I learned during my year long post with The Grid will help me in my future studies.

It has been a pleasure writing for you.

Sincerely and Good Bye,

Jeff P Jilek

Jeff P Jilek

Jeff Jilek has earned a B.S. in Architecture with a Minor in City & Regional Planning from the Ohio State University. He has been involved with architecture since his junior year of High School when he attended Eastland Career Center’s Architecture program. Sustainable Design is something that he is most interested in but also has taken many college level courses in psychology, political science, and philosophy. He will be attends Arizona State University for continuing education. He is pursuing both his M.B.A and Master of Architecture degrees. He blogged about pertinent issues in design and how design relates to global dynamics, culture, and economy.

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