September 25 2013

Expo 2017: “Energy for the Future” to be Held in Astana, Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan, a country with extensive oil and natural gas reserves, will hold an international exposition on sustainable energy in 2017. Expo 2017  - “Energy for the Future” is one of the international expositions regulated by the International Exhibitions Bureau. Astana, Kazakhstan’s capital, bested Liege, Belgium in the 2012 bid to hold Expo 2017. Each city proposed an exposition theme; Astana’s was “Future Energy,” while Liege’s was “Connecting the World, Linking People, Better Living Together.”

Expo 2017 will run from June 10th to September 10th 2017, and is expected to bring nearly five million visitors to this somewhat remote Central Asian country.

A View of the Presidential Palace from the Pyramid for Peace and Reconciliation Astana, Kazakhstan

Expo 2017 visitors will be able to take in this great view of the Presidential Palace

Acutely aware that natural resource extraction propels Kazakhstan’s economy, and wary of the so-called “natural resource curse” that has plagued similar economies, the Kazakh government is committed to the research and development of sustainable sources of energy. Pavlodar region leads the country in renewable energy generation; the Center for Energy Supply at Sultanmakhmut Toraigyrov Pavlodar State University has four wind generators and ten solar panels. With plans for Expo 2017 well underway, in May the government announced its intention to increase its investment in renewable power generation. Kazakhstan’s ambitions in this respect outpace its capabilities, but its efforts are laudable.

Kazakhstan is Comitted to the Research and Development of Alternative Forms of Energy

Kazakhstan is committed to the research and development of renewable resources

Specific plans for Expo 2017 include:

  • An Expo 2017 special economic zone to entice private investors. The Abu Dhabi Plaza, constructed by Aldar Properties P.J.S.C., in the Expo 2017 zone, is expected to be completed in 2016. The energy efficient, mixed-use complex will be the tallest building in Central Asia;

Astana Awaits Expo 2017 Visitors

Astana awaits Expo 2017 visitors

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Credits: Photographs by Sunny Menozzi. Information and data cited through links. 

Sunny Menozzi

Sunny Menozzi's military duties have taken her to diverse and exciting places, from Singapore to Arizona, South Korea to Afghanistan, and North Carolina to Hawaii. Sunny's travels inspired her interest in cities, especially how they function, the impact of the built environment on the residents, the methods planners employ to shape natural features, and the vibrancy that can be cultivated by good planning and design. She will begin her pursuit of a master's degree at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the fall of 2013. Sunny plans to focus on reuse and historic preservation, community-building, and economic and environmental sustainability. She hopes to contribute to projects that repurpose military bases. An avid runner, Sunny is interested in the design of recreational trails and policies that encourage the development of walkable communities. She holds a B.S. in International Relations and Russian from the United States Military Academy at West Point.

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