March 08 2012

Examples of Website Maintenance Requests

Website maintenance requestsBlogs are today’s “black.”

Nowadays, many companies are incorporating personalized websites as part of the businesses’ Public Relations strategy to reach out to new and potential clientele, or the general public. So it is important, more so within the field of architecture, engineering, environmental non-profit, landscape architecture and urban planning, to maintain your website in order to attract, promote and expand your client base.

There are many website maintenance packages that supply a variety of website maintenance requests, some of which include:

  • Updating website content, including adding, creating or strengthening blogs or press releases to optimize search engine optimization (SEO);
  • Managing graphic design, such as uploading images or videos of current and past projects;
  • Designing new page layouts to keep the site new and fresh;
  • Text changes and/or proofreading paragraphs, headings, prices, events, … etc;
  • Addressing navigational changes and/or issues, including broken links, missing pages or distorted graphics;
  • Adding new pages to use them as links from an existing page as opposed to only using links that change the navigation of the website;
  • Analyzing traffic tracking in order to, for example, record specific keywords or phrases to maximize SEO;
  • Revising information, including address changes, contact information, … etc.

Be sure to research details on what services different packages specifically offer.

It is a myth that a website can sustain itself if left alone. The reality is if a website is left alone, it cannot be expected to generate the same amount of publicity or revenue as it once did. The only solution to avoid reaching “stalemate” is to manage your website’s upkeep. Website maintenance may be a lot of work, but the consequences are rewarding.

In today’s generation, creating social networks, including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, is now a form of marketing, and in turn, also website maintenance.

Also, be sure to research different blog or website host systems, such as Word Press, to find something that works best for you. Or even check out the website maintenance packages Global Site Plans offers by clicking under the “PACKAGES” tab to learn how you can request a free quote.

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Benjamin Ha

Benjamin Ha recently graduated as an Honors Scholar from New York University with a Bachelor’s in English and American Literature with a concentration in Creative Writing. Prior to Global Site Plans, Ben’s experiences revolved primarily around issues of public health. After realizing that the environment plays a critical role in the effects of public health, his interests gravitated toward understanding the interaction between the social and natural environment. In the near future, he hopes to pursue a Master’s in Environmental Science after obtaining a Global Sustainability Certification at UCLA. Ben is originally from the Bay Area in California, and now resides in Los Angeles.

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