May 13 2014

São Paulo, Brazil Begins 11.5km Bike Lane Construction 19 Years After Plan

The City of São Paulo recently signed an R$48 million contract for the construction of an 11.5 km bike lane between the Ibirapuera Park, in the south of the capital, and the Company Stores and General Warehouses of São Paulo (Ceagesp), in the west zone. The works will be executed by Jofege Paving and Construction, and will begin in thirty days. Completion is scheduled for October 2015.

Bike path in São Paulo, Brazil

The construction of the bike path has been planned since 1995 as one of the conditions of the environmental permit granted to the municipality by the state government for the extension of Avenida Faria Lima. By 2012, just two miles had been delivered between Rebougas Avenue and Rua dos Pinheiros.

“Better late than never. Now we are trying a connection (called the bike crosswalk) that can also connect to People’s Park,” said the Secretary of Coordination of Sub prefectures, Ricardo Teixeira.

The first stretch leaves from Ceagesp at the height of Villa-Lobos Park and goes to the Largo da Batata. The second stage goes from the Largo da Batata to Ibirapuera Park, past the Avenues Pedroso de Moraes, Hélio Pellegrino and Faria Lima. The three routes will have reduced sites due to construction.

Mayor Fernando Haddad had said in January 2014 that he intends to execute, under his management, the complete cycle paths project, which provides the connection to the Ceagesp Shopping Morumbi, totaling 37 km. The length of the strip will have two branches, one connecting to Pan American campus of the USP Square, and another between the region of Juscelino Kubitschek Avenue and Ibirapuera Park.

Over 11.5 km reinforcements for CPTM stations will be built. The bike path will connect the shopping centers of Avenidas Faria Lima, Luis Carlos Berrini, Chucri Zaidan and Espraiada Water. The funds will come from revenue from contractors who built buildings in the Faria Lima region in the last twenty years.

Avenida Faria Lima, São Paulo, Brazil


The bicycle activist, William Cruz, from the website Vá de Bike, views the bike lanes with a “positive perspective,” even though their construction is 19 years late. “With these new lanes of leisure, many people will be able to experience the city by bike and see that it is possible to cycle long distances,” says Cruz. Today São Paulo has 120.8 km of bike lanes.

What changes have taken place in your city to encourage biking?

Original article, originally published in Portuguese, can be found here.

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