March 14 2012

Drought in England: Situations, Reasons, and Remediation Options

Drought Situation

Drought Situation

Once again, a drought warning has been issued for those same parts of England, where ground water levels are lower than any time since 1976. Secretary Caroline Spelman said that without significant rainfall between now and the commencement of summer, residential customers will face severe restrictions including a hosepipe ban.

According to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s unveiled map almost whole of England will be affected by drought. London is part of the southeast region and a water shortage will impact the arrival of hundreds of thousands for the Summer Olympics.

The EPA also disclosed that eastern parts of England had received just 27% of the average rainfall expected in February so far this month. Fish are reported to have died and been distressed by low river flows, including the River Meon in Hampshire. Apart from all remedial actions last year, the EPA was unsure of full drought recovery even with normal 2012 rainfall.

Apart from England & Wales dry condition, Scotland is unlikely to face any risk and will enjoy routine abundance of rain and river water.  However much of it will be drained into the sea, as usual, when it could be alternatively piped to southern United Kingdom (UK) for drought recovery.

Many engineering initiatives have been taken worldwide to prevent flooding and drought, including the mighty three gorges dam and the great man made river. Do you think UK government should undertake some serious and immediate urban planning initiatives for linking Scottish waters with southern region of the country for sustainable drought recovery?

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Ubaid Khan

Ubaid Khan has over six years of operational, development, technical and environmental experience in the Waste Management and the Environmental Industry sectors in the Middle East and United Kingdom. During his career he liaised with various municipalities and undertaken a variety of environmental projects including planning waste management schemes for urban regions, design and construction of engineered landfills, landfill gas recovery systems, and material recovery facilities. Ubaid has completed his MSc in Energy and Environmental Management from University of Abertay Dundee, with distinction.In response of his academic achievements during the course university had awarded “University of Abertay Dundee Excellence Scholarship award for year 2010-11.”

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