September 16 2013

Welcoming Popuphood to #thegrid Tweetchat

We are pleased to announce Popuphood will be joining The Grid and Storefront this Wednesday, September 18 to co-host our Twitter Chat. We will be discussing pop-up shops and encourage you to participate. Popuphood will provide valuable insight to the conversation.

Founded in 2011, the small business incubator revitalizes neighborhoods one block at a time. The initiative, started by Sarah Filley and Alfonso Dominguez, takes a local approach to community development. They work with independent retailers and business owners to fill vacant storefronts.

However, they do not plan on their stores popping in and out for short periods of time. Rather, Popuphood measures their success in two ways:

  1. Enabling the retailers to sign a long-term lease;
  2. Bringing positive exposure to the neighborhoods they work in.

They work in various cities, but one successful example is in Oakland, California. The pilot venture targeted the City’s historic neighborhood, Old Oakland. Despite the area’s various amenities, it lacked independent retail and was struggling, as a result.

Manifesto Bicycles, Oakland, CA

Piper and John Store, Oakland, CA

Both Manifesto Bicycles (above) and Piper and John General Goods (below) used Popuphood to open a store

Since Popuphood entered the scene, six storefronts have been the beneficiaries of pop-up retail. Three of the stores have signed long-term leases. The presence of these new retailers has brought increased foot traffic to the neighborhood, because now people have a reason to go there.

Their clients are creative individuals who have been selling their products online. Popuphood helped them continue their work offline by giving them store space for six months rent-free. Their newest space, Impact HUB Oakland, is a co-working space that fosters social entrepreneurship.

Sarah and Alfonso have been adamant about making their approach an effort from the community. All of the Oakland retailers are local business owners who take pride in their city. They believe in helping Oakland grow while preserving its character.

What local initiatives are revitalizing your neighborhood?

Join myself and Renee van Staveren from The Grid, Tristan Pollock from Storefront and Sarah Filley from Popuphood on September 18, 2013 at 3PM EDT/ 2PM CDT/ 12PM PDT/ 8PM BST/ 10PM EEST for our #thegrid tweetchat. The discussion will last an hour. We’ll be exploring the world of pop-ups and encourage you to join us. Simply login to Twitter and follow the #thegrid hashtag and include it in your tweets to join the discussion.

Credits: Data linked to sources. Images credit of Oakland Art Enthusiast and Oakland North.

Robert Poole

Robert Poole recently graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Anthropology and a minor in City and Regional Planning. He grew up in San Diego but now resides in San Francisco. He is intrigued by, yet concerned with the large discrepancies in socio-economic development within the Bay Area. He currently works at a non-profit organization in San Francisco that advocates for new housing development in the City through policy and legislation. As he continues his work, he hopes to gain a more in-depth understanding of the city’s public process in order to develop solutions that create more affordable housing options for the City's low to middle-income residents.

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