July 18 2013

Lincoln Farmers Market: Building Community Amidst a Growing City

Farmers Market Sign

Every Saturday morning from early May to mid October, you can expect to find a bustling marketplace within the Historic Haymarket of Lincoln, Nebraska. This one of a kind experience is set within a bustling atmosphere surrounded by restaurants, art galleries, and various shops. Within the two blocks of fair space, there are over 200 vendor stalls during peak season including:

  • Live music and entertainment;
  • Innovative and unique arts and crafts;
  • Quality produce;
  • Standard market fare.

Lincoln Nebraska Haymarket Farmers Market

Lincoln Nebraska Haymarket Farmers Market

Lincoln Nebraska Haymarket Farmers Market

Lincoln Nebraska Haymarket Farmers Market

Among the entertainment and shops, a great sense of community can be felt. The farmers market has captured the eye of many Lincoln citizens and has become a popular event amongst all walks of life. This marketplace has maintained a sense of community within a fast paced and growing city and college town.

The juxtaposition of historical buildings, intertwined with the new construction of a modern entertainment arena and district helps to highlight Lincoln’s growth amidst its strong sense of tradition and community. The architectural divide provides a glimpse of the changing architectural styles throughout the years, a treasure that market goers can easily enjoy and appreciate. The farmers market truly reflects the sense of community that has been maintained amongst an ever growing and developing city, which is something that I find very important within urban development.

As Lincoln has maintained tradition and community within a growing city, how have you seen your city do the same? Do you feel that maintaining tradition and a sense of community is an important component in urban design within developing cityscapes?

Credits: Photos by Lisa Gran. Data linked to sources.

Lisa Gran

Lisa Gran is an undergraduate student studying Biological Systems Engineering at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. As an aspiring engineer, Lisa is especially interested in the utilization and development of environmentally sound materials in sustainable planning and design. As she progresses in her studies, she is finding more and more that her passion lies in sustainable urban design and engineering principles, drawing inspiration from cities around the globe. Although reporting from the mid-western city of Lincoln, Lisa is setting out to explore how Lincoln is becoming a place of innovation for sustainability.

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