May 20 2011

Campaigning and Fundraising Using Social Media Sites

When I see the “Join our online community symbol” on a website that I am browsing, I join. I figure why hesitate in joining when I am already interested in what the site is saying. With today’s world news being stripped of its integrity and my consulting schedule, it’s hard to stay current on the things that interest me the most. One organization that is using new tools offered by companies like Global Site Plans to grow and build its advocacy campaigns is Next Aide.

“Through music events and public education initiatives, Next Aid provides empowering opportunities for concerned individuals to make a difference.”

I found Next Aide when I was managing DJs and working on my B.A. in urban planning. They had a unique table display with facts and statistics about HIV and children set up at a night club I frequent. While I was there to hear good break beats I found myself drawn to their information about the sustainable building they were helping erect in Denelton S. Africa for children that were impacted and some left orphaned by Aids.

Next Aide is not the same as those companies with tear jerking commercials concerning kids starving in Africa. This organization gave me something that I could do. All I had to do was login, sign up and stay tuned to their campaigns that targeted at a community I was already a part of. Here was a group of architects, urban planners and social workers that have music – and a cause in common. This was before social media groups and blogging was prevalent and all they had was, tabling, email marketing, and email campaigns directed at the music community.

Their most recent project is a grassroots organizing strategy that engages everyday activist with a social media campaign and dinner party fundraising event. Two of my most favorite things are food and FacebookProceeds from the campaign will benefit the creation of a Birthing Shelter in rural Sierra Leone and empowerment programs for young mothers in Kenya. The development of social media has really moved the campaigns faster and further. Currently, Next Aid’s Director Lauren Sega-Avenna is in Kenya. You can stay posted on her activities through Facebook and Twitter.

How does that translate to changing the world? Sign up for the newsletter, like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter and read their stories.

Realize the possibilities, if thousands, even millions would show support of this network and try to make the world a better place for all of us to live.

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