March 28 2012

Birmingham, United Kingdom Climate Change Action Plan


Initiative measures from countrywide councils are playing a vital role in assisting the United Kingdom’s (UK) compliance with European Union (EU) and United Nation (UN) climate change regulations. Birmingham City Council has introduced and implemented its own climate change action plan, recognizing its responsibility for countrywide emission reduction targets.

The Climate Change Action Plan acts as the co-ordination tool to ensure that the city’s responsibilities are implemented in a managed and comprehensive fashion.

The Birminghams’s Action Plan sets out these key priorities, along with ‘Early Actions:’
• Birmingham will become a ‘Low Carbon Transition’ city;
• Improving the energy efficiency of the city’s ‘Homes and Buildings;’
• Reducing the city’s reliance on unsustainable energy through ‘Low Carbon Energy Generation;’
•Reducing the city’s impact on the non-renewable resources through ‘Resource Management;’
• Reducing the environmental impact of the city’s mobility needs through ‘Low Carbon Transport;’
• Ensuring the city is prepared for climate change through ‘Climate Change Adaptation;’
• Ensuring that this action plan ‘Engages with Birmingham Citizens and Businesses.’
The Action Plan will be refreshed on an annual basis and a full review will be commissioned in line with the 5-year national Carbon Budgets timetable.

In response to the Council’s concrete measures, Birmingham, United Kingdom was recognized for excellence in green building city policy. The local council received the World Green Building Council’s Inaugural Urban Retrofit Award during the climate change talks in Durban, South Africa.

What is your opinion about role and responsibilities of local authorities regarding global sustainability concerns?

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Ubaid Khan

Ubaid Khan has over six years of operational, development, technical and environmental experience in the Waste Management and the Environmental Industry sectors in the Middle East and United Kingdom. During his career he liaised with various municipalities and undertaken a variety of environmental projects including planning waste management schemes for urban regions, design and construction of engineered landfills, landfill gas recovery systems, and material recovery facilities. Ubaid has completed his MSc in Energy and Environmental Management from University of Abertay Dundee, with distinction.In response of his academic achievements during the course university had awarded “University of Abertay Dundee Excellence Scholarship award for year 2010-11.”

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  1. John Says:

    It is very critical that the local authorities act and implement these plans starting with themselves. If the local community sees how well they execute this, everyone will follow. Climate change affects everyone and one must give even a tiny contribution to this worldwide phenomenon.

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