December 13 2011

Best Websites for Architecture Students and Professionals

Almost everyone has at one time or another aimlessly surfed the Internet during working hours. Endless website clicking proves to be a good diversion when the creative juices stall at school or work. I’m as guilty as the next person for this minor offense and these are the websites I frequent when I’m looking for architecture inspiration.

For green design, Inhabitat comes out on top as the best of the best. Featuring daily updated articles, the website focuses on environmentally conscious design. While architecture is featured prominently the site also covers technology, industrial design, urban planning, and art. The articles themselves are almost always interesting, engaging, and current with what is being newly developed is the design fields.

Archinect is a valuable resource to connect architects and students from around the world. The site features articles relevant to contemporary architecture projects but it also features a community forum where anyone can post questions and discuss topics. Schools, employers, and individuals all frequent the site and posts ranging from job openings to lecture series can be found.

Architizer is an architecture blog that has contributors from all around the world. Architects post their own projects and proposals using the websites interface to organize and categorize projects. Navigating the site using the search tools, it is simple to find submissions about specific projects, products, or building types. I constantly refer to this website when looking through projects by specific firms.

Deezen is a well known online architecture and design magazine. Started in 2006, the website has been recognized by Time magazine as one of the most influential figures in design. Originally started as a simple website, the site has been expanded to included a job recruitment forum and a watch store.

By frequenting these websites I get ideas that help me break through my creative block. These sites direct web surfing into a more constructive and informative avenue. Architecture is a constantly evolving profession and connecting with other designers from different backgrounds, perspectives, and areas of expertise helps keep the discipline from stagnating.

What websites do you look at when you’re on the Internet and how do these websites influence your work?

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Jordan Meerdink

Jordan Meerdink, a former GSP blogger, is a graduate of the The Ohio State University. He holds a B.S. in Architecture with a minor in studio art. Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Jordan inherited an early interest in mechanics and construction from his grandfather, a developer who was one of the early practitioners of prefabricated housing, and his father who is a retired store owner and highly capable D.I.Yer. Currently living in New York City, he continues to produce art and furniture with a focus on smart, ecologically responsible design. Jordan has a special concern for design that serves people outside the traditional clientele of architects, with an interest in architecture that deviates from the beaten path, ranging from Baroque churches to dismantled bomb shelters.

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