July 16 2012

Towards Green Public Buildings in Turkey: 100 Public Buildings Project

100 Public Buildings Project TurkeySince 2000, important developments have occurred regarding energy efficiency and sustainability in contemporary buildings in Turkey. Initially, energy efficiency had become an issue attracting the attention of private sector. This issue is now being considered by the government; thus, new laws and regulations have entered into force in order to decrease energy consumption and to promote heat isolation, especially at the existing buildings. In 2008, the Regulation on the Energy Performance at the Buildings and Energy Efficiency Law entered into force.  In accordance with this law and the regulation, for current buildings, obtaining an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) by 2017 is compulsory. For the new buildings, this procedure has been compulsory since January 1, 2011.

EPC is a document indicating and classifying the energy consumption of the building. The consumed energy is aimed to be classified and a database on the energy performance of the buildings is being formed with the assistance of this application. When a building stock constructed before 2000, in Turkey, is examined, the consumed energy is seen to be 2 times greater than the upper limit stated in the regulation only from the valid construction standards. In order to correct this situation and form a sample for the building stocks to be constructed, the government has started to implement a project of 100 public buildings. This project includes the energy surveys and issue of EPC’s of 100 public buildings (such as Constitutional Court, Court of Accounts, state schools and hospitals) in Ankara by the TR Ministry of Environment and Urbanism. After determining the energy classification of these buildings, the schedule will be prepared to increase this level and further investigations will be reported.

It is the first time in Turkey that the state is carrying out such a large scale project on energy efficiency. After this project, which can be considered as a start, it is thought that the community will be more conscious and careful about energy efficiency and green architecture in new building stocks.

What kind of projects are carried out by the government in your country to increase public awareness about energy efficiency?

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Selin Mutdoğan

Selin Mutdoğan holds a PhD degree in interior architecture and environmental design from Hacettepe University in Ankara, Turkey. Her dissertation was focused on sustainable residential interiors and research containing not only cases from Turkey, but also well-known green bulding certification systems used worldwide. She currently works at the same university as a full-time instructor. She is strongly concerned about sustainability, within all dimensions.

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