June 10 2014

Residence Surrounding Excavations in Ancient Corinth, Greece

Residence in Ancient Corinth, Greece

This residence of 210 square meters is located in Ancient Corinth, Greece, in a plot where many archaeological digs have taken place. The main parameters of the design for the residence were to preserve the excavation “spirit” of the plot and the interconnection of the house with the historically interesting surroundings.

House surrounding excavations, Ancient Corinth, Greece

The building has a square overhang shell, whereby the whole structure is enclosed and the excavation site is demarcated. With this architectural element, the building becomes an independent structure, and it seems like the whole construction emerges from the ground as part of the antecedent buildings. At the same time the south-eastern part of the excavation site is visible as “evidence” of the area’s history. The buildings are constructed with a metallic frame and block floor units of 3D panels.

House surrounding excavations, Ancient Corinth, Greece

View of the excavations, Ancient Corinth, Greece

The residence has two main levels. The processing of the house’s ground floor design is completely characterized by the connection of the interior and exterior spaces, that create rooms with views and others which are more private, while on the first floor the basic feature is the perforated shell.

House in Ancient Corinth, Greece

The design strategy of the building’s energy use is based on the double shell, which ensures controlled cross ventilation and shading of both the interior shell and the openings. The project was one of the proposals for the Greek participation at the European Architectural Competition “Mies Van Der Rohe Awards in 2009.

Night View House in Ancient Corinth, Greece

Excavation: 2003

Design: 2003-2004

Construction: 2005-2008

Architect: Spiros Papadopoulos 

Structural Study: SPITI ΑΒΕΕ

Associates: E. Mantzari, N. Gousiaki, S. Papadatos, G. Iliadis, A. Mpezes

Energy plan consultant: Aris Tsagraoulis

Photographer: Charalampos Louizidis

Interior-House in Ancient Corinth, Greece

House in Ancient Corinth, Greece

About the architect …

Mr. Papadopoulos’ architectural office was founded in 1999. It is an open creative studio that works on small and large-scale projects of architectural planning, landscape architecture, audiovisual arts, industrial design and communications. Their main target is to research and design projects that deal with the interconnection of the urban spaces and architecture with new technologies and the visual arts. Additionally, Mr. Papadopoulos has redacted and directed the urban-culture-television program “Metalocus” (Seven, 2000), which won the “Panagiotis Michelis” Award (SADAS-2005).

House in Ancient Corinth, Greece

Residence in Ancient Corinth, Greece

In the cultural platform “Metalocus” one may find the homonym international magazine, that has been repeatedly distinguished for its architectural issues. The office has also presented several projects in architectural exhibitions, documentary festivals and has many publications in Greece and abroad.

Do you know any other buildings developed around an excavation site?

The original article, published in Greek, can be found here.

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