June 03 2013

Parametric Design and Manufacturing: Cipher City Landing in Athens, Greece

Parametric design and manufacturing, that seem to be in good tune with micro scale projects, are gaining more and more space in the architecture schools programs all over the world. Parametric workshops, camps, conferences and competitions combined with an increasing number of Fab-Labs are reflecting the accumulating theoretical talks, methodologies and the upcoming computational techniques. But, what about the larger scale projects? Can parametric way of thinking address intricate city-sized configurations like the metropolises we live in?

Parametric Design Athens Greece

Architectural Association school, under a far-reaching visiting program to prominent architecture schools worldwide, is trying to explore the manifold sides of the parametric style while nourishing innovative thinking to the newest generations of architects and urban planners. For the last two years, the School of Architecture in Athens  has hosted the AA Visiting School Cipher City workshop which, in parallel, has been at an open dialogue with an equivalent workshop taking place in Istanbul. The Cipher City workshop is investigating connectivity, adjustability and interaction within the increasingly fragmented urban tissue of Athens.

Cipher City Landing in Athens, Greece

Last year’s projects, smaller in scale, had to deal with the parameters of sun, wind and noise in the Dionisiou Aeropagitou pedestrian street around Acropolis. During the presentation, the teams unfolded a series of lighting systems, flower-shaped tents, cylindrical walls, sound responsive partitions and such, so as to provoke citizen’s interactivity. This year, Cipher City projects grew in scale and the installations were placed in the atrium of the architecture school. One among them incorporated as its main parameter the feeling of anxiety (provoked by the void) which by the way, may be also mirroring the most common feeling of Greek citizens at current times.

Cipher City Landing in Athens, Greece

Have you ever participated in an equivalent workshop concerning your city? If yes, would you like to share your experiences with us?

Credits: Data linked to sources. Images by Charis Triantos (team representative of the project: Biodiversity Clusters, Cipher City 2012) and Ioanna Rammou (team representative of the project: Horror Vacui, Cipher City recharged 2013).

Alkisti Eleni Victoratou

Alkisti Eleni Victoratou originates from Andros, a Cycladic island in Greece, and has lived and studied in Thessaloniki, England, Spain, and Athens-where she currently resides. She holds a B.A. in Economics from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and in Architecture from the National Technical University of Athens. Having this multicultural and interdisciplinary background gives her a better understanding of socially sensitive urban issues. Her dissertation thesis in Architecture dealt with the study and assessment of the legislation relating to Bioclimatic Architecture in the European Mediterranean countries of France, Spain, and Greece. Her interests also extend to sustainable technologies and parametric design, contributing to building design and urbanism. During her internship with The Grid, she will concentrate on the most important top-down and bottom-up urban transformations of Athens during their current Crisis. Her aspirations are to further her academic and professional specializations in urban issues and sustainable design.

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