May 08 2014

Open House Worldwide Movement Finally Exhibited in Athens, Greece

Open House has been organized to take place in Athens. However, the issue is why it took so long. It doesn’t seem to be a coincidence. During the crisis, people finally realized the lack of urban awareness and turned to initiatives, like Open House. In the present case, the twice successful Open House in Thessaloniki played an especially prominent role.

But let us look at things a little closer. What is Open House? It is one of the most important international institutions that aims to highlight and promote architecture of cities. Numerous buildings, both public and private, are open to the public for a weekend. This whole project is free for everyone, and thus the whole city becomes a museum. The first Open House took place in 1992 in London, and soon the idea spread to more than twenty-one cities, including New York, Dublin, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Melbourne, Barcelona, Chicago, Rome, and Lisbon.

Benaki Museum in Athens, Greece

From Thessaloniki

The first Open House that was organized in Thessaloniki, Greece in 2012, with great success, and included fifty-six buildings and more than 12,000 visitors. The following year, the project, once again in Thessaloniki, attracted nearly 22,000 visitors with sixty-seven buildings open to the public. Volunteers play a really important, decisive role in this kind of project. In the first Open House Athens, people will be able to visit fifty buildings and spaces, including homes, cultural and educational buildings, premises and hotels. The majority of the buildings will be in the Athens Municipality, with only a few exceptions. People can visit the Averof Building of NTUA, the Benaki Museum, the Onassis Cultural Centre, the Acropolis Museum, the General State Archives, the New Hotel, the Fresh Hotel, the listed building ATOPOS and many more.

Averof Building in Athens, Greece

Open House Athens and Open House Thessaloniki are organized by the non-profit company “Open House Greece,” which was created in 2012 and belongs to the wider family of “Open House Worldwide.”

The new Acropolis Museum in Athens, Greece

The new Acropolis Museum interior in Athens, Greece

Acropolis Museum Interior in Athens, Greece

More information

In order to schedule your weekend in Open House, you should visit the official website (it occurred April 4-7, 2014). There one can find all the needed information, such as specific hours that buildings are open to visitors and where the buildings are situated.

Periodically, groups are created and tours given. You don’t have to make any reservations in order to visit the participating buildings and it is absolutely free.

At the end of every Open House, a party takes place for all volunteers and visitors.

Has an Open House been organized in the your city? Which buildings and places would you like to visit during this project?

The original article, published in Greek, can be found here.

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Dafni Dimitriadi

Dafni Dimitriadi is a student of Architecture at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. Her numerous experiences in participating in architectural competitions have helped her understand the importance of research and design. She is interested in building and urban design restoration and aims to continue her studies in order to gain more knowledge related to these fields. She is an active volunteer and has participated in many interesting projects, including Open House Thessaloniki. She currently lives in Thessaloniki and through her blogs aims to explore developments associated with architecture and urban design.

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