July 30 2012

New Sustainable Approaches by the Mass Housing Administration (MHA) of Turkey

TOKI Turkey

Since their initiatives began, the Mass Housing Administration (MHA) has constructed more than 500,000 housing units all over Turkey, all with the same standards, causing identical residential buildings. In order to change this approach, Erdoğan Bayraktar, the former president of MHA, stated that “we need some standards and approaches to decrease costs and increase human comfort in mass housing production,” and some studies were conducted.

Here are some of their new approaches:

1. In 2009 the ‘’Housing Design Architectural Opinion Project Competition was organized by MHA for the İstanbul Kayabaşı Region.’’ In this competition the aim was to develop new architectural designs and approaches, enabling the use of new technologies and alternative renewable energy sources for the Kayabaşı mass housing zone ;

2. Another project was carried out in 2010, by MATPUM, of Middle East Technical University (METU) in Ankara. The project name was “Research Study on Developing the Method of Compiling the Data on Human-Environment Relations Required to Constitute Urban Environmental Standards in Mass Housing Areas.’’ It aimed to set up a “system of values” to be used in developing urban design, structure, forms, and standards in Mass Housing Zones in Turkey;

3. In the Energy Efficiency Strategy Paper, published in 2012, utilization opportunities from renewable energy resources, co-generation, heating, cooling, and heat pump systems were analyzed. A law, which will be put into a force shortly, requires that 10% of the housing value be implemented toward renewable resources, to ensure implementation;

All these approaches are important steps to enable the user to live in a comfortable, energy-efficient, and sustainable building. Although various projects and designs have been developed, identical housing construction continues to be carried out by MHA throughout Turkey and, unfortunately, they have begun to dominate the pattern of cities. As mentioned by Erman Eruz, in his previous blog, MHA buildings change the characteristics of regions and construction ignores the geographical, cultural, and environmental features of the district. TOKİ, which is intensely criticized, expressed that it shall make innovations in construction techniques.

I think the most important question is that is it correct to carry out most of the housing construction by one organization? In your opinion how should it be done?

Credits: Image and data linked to sources.

Selin Mutdoğan

Selin Mutdoğan holds a PhD degree in interior architecture and environmental design from Hacettepe University in Ankara, Turkey. Her dissertation was focused on sustainable residential interiors and research containing not only cases from Turkey, but also well-known green bulding certification systems used worldwide. She currently works at the same university as a full-time instructor. She is strongly concerned about sustainability, within all dimensions.

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