April 01 2014

Fifteen Greek Celebrities Choose the Most Liveable Parts of Thessaloniki, Greece

1. Victor Arditis, director – theatrologist, senior lecturer in AUTH, Artistic Director of NTNG - National Theatre of Northern Greece (2001-2004).

“The best place is exactly where I currently live: in the area among Olgas – Nikolaidis-Antheon-Sofouli with the poplars and the plane trees, that create an excellent micro-climate. Or I would choose the decadent upper part of Aristotelous, opposite of the Roman Forum.”

Aristotelous Square, Thessaloniki, Greece

Aristotelous Square

The Roman Forum, Thessaloniki, Greece

The Roman Forum

2. Katerina Koskina, president of the board of trustees of the State Museum of Contemporary Art.

“As an islander I would live nowhere but by the sea, at Niki’s Avenue or in the area around the harbor. This is why I often visit my friend Katerina Kamara’s beautiful home. A beautiful place is first and foremost where one can find nice and interesting people – and Thessaloniki has many.”

3. Myron Michailidis, conductor, artistic director of Green National Opera.

“I would choose to live in the area of ‘Ano Poli’ (meaning ‘upper side of the city’), as it belongs in the older part of the city but at the same time it skirts the modern one and the gulf of Thermaikos.”

4. Pavlos Pavlidis, musician, songwriter.

“There are many areas of the city that I like and I’ve drifted between many places. I have already lived both on the east and the west parts of Thessaloniki. I grew up in Veroia, so by instinct I prefer the places where one can enjoy the view.”

5. George Skampardonis, journalist, writer.

“I would like to live inside the White Tower. Perhaps poets would be entitled to live there, in comfortable apartments.”

White Tower, Thessaloniki, Greece

White Tower

6. Denys Zacharopoulos, artistic director of the State Museum of Contemporary Art.

“I would choose to live anywhere in the centre of Thessaloniki that is near the sea, and if possible, with a view of the gulf of Thermaikos.”

7. Panos Theodoridis, writer.

“I’d live in the most central area of Thessaloniki, among Tsimiski, Nikis, Egnatia and Olympiados Street. This area is so deprived architecturally, that it makes every improvement seems dreamlike.”

Navarinou Square in the centre of Thessaloniki, Greece

Navarinou Square

8. Nikiforos Papandreou, professor of theatrology in AUTH, founder and artistic director of the Piramatiki Skini tis ‘Technis.’

“I won’t sound original, but I would choose the area around Navarinou Square, as it is in the most central part of the city, while at the same time it has a sense of a neighborhood. Here one can enjoy the big trees, the beautifully lit ruins, shops with everything they might need and the narrow streets where they can sit with kind people and without deafening music.”

9. Filios Stangos, journalist.

“My favorite parts of Thessaloniki are TIF park, the Pavlou Mela and Karatasou former military camps, the pedestrianised Ermou and Svolou, and the old waterfront. Generally I like every street with a pavement that is more that five meters wide, in order to have enough space for a barbecue.”

10. Nikos Sakalidis, director, Artistic Director of the Theatre ‘Aktis Aeliou.’

“I’d choose the area around the Roman Forum. It’s an open space with trees and plants, where one can watch the sky and discover many different things about the traditions and the historical origins of the city. Subjectively speaking, I feel that this area has something that feels European.”

11. George Kordomenidis, publisher of the literary magazine ‘Entefktirio.’

“I would live by the waterfront – the old and the new one, as it provides a view of the coastal part of the city.”

Waterfront of Thessaloniki, Greece

Waterfront of Thessaloniki

13. Sotiris Chantzakis, director, Artistic Director of the National Theatre.

“We, the humans, create the city. So, when the citizens accept and love one place, then this area fills with positive energy.”

14. Ntinos Tornivoukas, managing director of the Macedonia Hotels S.A.

“I would live wherever I could watch the sea.”

15. Konstantinos Rigos, choreographer, former Artistic Director of the Chorotheater of NTNG – National Theatre of Northern Greece.

“Niki’s Avenue seems to be my favorite place to live in Thessaloniki. It is two steps away from the sea and at the same time it is in the centre of the city. ‘Viamil,’ is another area I would choose to live, as it is definitely a great example of housing development. With some improvements, this area could be a heavenly place to live, with a great view of the sea. We shall never forget that the magic of the city is primarily its interaction with the sea.”

A boat in the Sea Thessaloniki, Greece

What is your favorite place in Thessaloniki? If you could live anywhere you wanted, where would you choose? Share with us in the comments section below. 

The original article, published in Greek, can be found here.

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