April 17 2014

A Listed Building Becomes Cartoon Museum in Thessaloniki, Greece

The listed building on Anagenniseos Street, in Thessaloniki, will soon find its old glory, thanks to the Municipality’s decision to reuse it as a Cartoon and Animation Museum. The building, which was described as “a work of art,” was built between 1900 and 1910 and is one of the few remaining architectural examples after the fire that took place in 1917. Petridi’s family lived there until the 1960s, whereas for the last twenty years it has been used occasionally as a transport firm and a warehouse. Unfortunately, the listed building was abandoned and until 1997 was used as a homeless refuge.

Listed building becomes Cartoon Museum in Thessaloniki

Τhe restoration project is complete, and in the foreseeable future this traditional building will host innovative activities and exhibitions related to cartoons and animation, as the city’s mayor John Boutaris states. At the same time there will be illustration workshops for all age groups.

There are many people in Athens and Thessaloniki who are involved in cartoons and animation. We want to support all these people,” mentions the deputy mayor for culture, Elli Xrisidou.

The listed bulding before restoration

The listed bulding after restoration

Are there any listed buildings in your area that are finally going to be restored and used?

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The original article, published in Greek, can be found here.

Dafni Dimitriadi

Dafni Dimitriadi is a student of Architecture at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. Her numerous experiences in participating in architectural competitions have helped her understand the importance of research and design. She is interested in building and urban design restoration and aims to continue her studies in order to gain more knowledge related to these fields. She is an active volunteer and has participated in many interesting projects, including Open House Thessaloniki. She currently lives in Thessaloniki and through her blogs aims to explore developments associated with architecture and urban design.

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