March 03 2011

Architects, Prepared for the Architecture Job Upsurge?

Many individuals looking for architecture jobs can start to breathe easier as the economic situation becomes more positive.  In the recent State of the Union address President Obama proposed the ‘Better Buildings’ Initiative, aiming to increase energy efficiency in commercial buildings by 20 percent in the next 10 years, which could mean a lot more jobs for architects interested in sustainability. Although the economy will not be back to the state it was in 2008 for years, I have noticed a major increase in architecture job postings. The best way to take advantage of this optimism as a job seeker or a business looking to hire is an updated portfolio, website, and other branding tools.

Affordable ways to brand:

  • Social networking. A strong web presence is important in creating a brand for a designer or business.  This can be something as simple as posting updates about a project on Twitter or keeping track of professional connections via LinkedIn. Physical networking is just as important as virtual networking; drop in on events and show off some work.
  • A website.  Making a website has never been so easy and affordable thanks to WordPress.  Layouts can be personalized but there are many free and attractive existing themes to choose from. Using the same design scheme on printed materials like portfolios and business cards helps complete a professional identity.
  • Making a well-designed print portfolio is still important for job seekers and businesses today.  However, firms and prospective employees alike realize that printing tons of portfolios is not economical.  Make sure when applying for positions a return address envelope is included; it saves paper and money.
  • When distributing portfolios to the public, web publishing is another economical way of promotion. Issuu allows for publishing any document; perfect for architecture portfolios and project briefs as the vector rendering is fantastic.  All one has to do when sending out work is to include a link to the document.

Getting ready for what hopefully is a grand upsurge of architecture jobs does not have to be expensive or difficult.  Knowing how to create a clean, professional presence will put you ahead of the rest.

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