June 10 2014

A Project for Fighting Against the Nuisances in the Saint-Catherine Market Square

France Pl Marche Ste Catherine

On several instances (notably in the articles published on July 23 and Sept. 10, 2013), we have mentioned the Saint-Catherine Market Square (4th Arrondisement), France, and the concerning problems that the residents encounter because of the outdoor seating areas of the numerous bars and restaurants within its perimeter.

Pierre Colboc, an architect and president of “Marais-Quatre,” has informed us of the process underway for converting this square. Below, we have published his statement:

Saint-Catherine’s Square is an urban and architectural gem, which history has bequeathed us. It is also a harbor of peace, only a stone’s throw away from the noisy Rue de Rivoli. It is much appreciated by Parisians and tourists, who come there to take a break, for the most part by eating and drinking in the outdoor seating areas of the cafes overlooking the Square and the Rue Caron. Profiting from its historic legacy and the visitors to the Square, the restaurant owners attract the latter under the condition that they will respect the boundaries of the outdoor seating areas, and be mindful about the noise these can generate, which sometimes creates problems for the residents living in this square.

In order to achieve better harmony between the restaurant owners and residents, a series of ideas have been in the works for the past few months. Their aim? To bring all citizens together through a common project that highlights the value of this Square and allows everyone to take advantage of it, without annoying one another. Also, different ideas are being studied in order to limit the auditory nuisances that the outdoor seating areas emit – particularly in good weather. For example, the installation of an acoustical absorbent under the awnings, planters, or water effects that could confine the expansion of the outdoor areas.

We will not fail to keep you informed about resulting future progress.

- Pierre Colboc

Atget Paris Place Ste Catherine, France

“Long Live the Marais!” reminds us that last May 23, the administrators of the 4rth arrondisement raised two large tents in order to attract visitors to an exhibit about the old sights of the square at the beginning of the 20th century. A gathering of the “Association de Sauvegarde du Paris Historique” by JL. Ricot allowed for better acquaintance with the site’s history.

We hope that all these efforts meet their goals and allow for a more harmonious way of life between the residents and the business owners of this unique place in the Marais.

What are the benefits of mixing busy commercial activities with residences?

Original article, originally published in French, can be found here.

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