November 28 2012

A Farewell To The GRID, From Kennith George

Kennith GeorgeNearly a year ago I took on the adventure of blog writing to fuel my passion for urban planning and to help interested readers stay informed about local planning from a New Urbanism framework.  I literally had no idea what I was doing as I dove into the online world of blogging. Soon after launching my website, I thankfully found myself writing under the guidance of Renée van Staveren as I joined the blogging family here at The GRID six months ago.

My interest in urban planning and sustainable design began with my undergraduate degree in Urban Studies. It further grew while interning with the City of Federal Way’s Planning Division. However, it was through my internship with Global Site Plans (GSP) that I have had the pleasure of informing my readers of local environmental designs such as: revitalization plans in Tacoma, Washington, innovative new suburban housing projects in South Hill, and a number of new LEED-Platinum certified projects in Tacoma.

Global Site Plans sets itself apart not only through their branding for environmental design services, but also through the continual contribution from the rest of The GRID blogging team. They publish the latest developments in architecture, engineering, environmental non-profits, landscape architecture, and urban planning from all over the world.

While this will be my final blog published on The GRID, it will not be the last time I visit its content.  I plan on frequently visiting the site for its up-to-date blogs. I intend to continue my blogging career solo (for the time being), and will be posting blogs from around the Greater Seattle, Washington area on my website,

I am thankful for the opportunity GSP gave me over the last six months; assisting me in developing my writing skills for online content. The experience has made me grow as a blogger and taught me the importance and uses of social media marketing and search engine optimization. I have greatly enjoyed my time with GSP and a special thanks to my Editor-in-Chief, and GSP founder, Renée van Staveren for the support and professional leadership.


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Kennith George

Kennith George grew up in the Greater Seattle, Washington area and holds a B.A. in Urban Studies from the University of Washington. His interest began in architecture, but he quickly found his passion in urban planning and policy. He views much of the built environment as unsustainable and detrimental to healthy societies and community life. He plans to pursue a Masters of Urban Planning from the University of Washington, but for now he is enjoying a local government internship in community and economic development. He is grateful for the opportunity to have been an environmental design blogger for Global Site Plans,' The GRID. Kennith’s area of focus lies with the New Urbanism movement of creating walkable, compact, mixed-use, livable, and pedestrian-sized sustainable communities.

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