December 23 2013

A Farewell to The Grid, from Allyson McAbee

New Orleans, Louisiana is a small and unique city. Somehow, even with a population of 37,000 people, you will always bump into someone you know. With that said, a sense of community is the constant throughout Nola’s dynamic changes and progress. We all want to be more involved, have a voice within our community, and make close connections with those around us, in some cities this is easier said than done. Luckily in New Orleans we advocate for all people in all neighborhoods.

Jackson Square St. Louis Cathedral

Writing for The Grid has been the voice I’d been looking for in New Orleans – to write about and represent various topics of landscape architecture, environmental design, and urban planning directly related to the social and environmental issues of this city. Not only have I had a voice during the six-month internship, I’ve also developed a deeper passion, love, and understanding of the city I thought I already knew.

Through social media I have had the opportunity to directly connect with other local members of my community who share the same need to relate through current events such as Gulf Coast Erosion and Storm Water Management. These connections have given me the great pleasure of sharing and learning about topics such as Removing Interstate 10, New Orleans Food Desert, and New Orleans Music Regulations. In addition, I’ve received global opinions on these very local topics; continually expanding my ideas on how we could make New Orleans better.

Working with the GSP schedule has kept me up to date on current events and pushed me to look deeper into surface issues. All of the many skills I have learned will stay with me in my personal and professional endeavors. A special thanks Renee for this amazing opportunity, and Meg for all the great feedback.

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to speak on behalf of a city so dear to my heart. I thank all readers and commenters for taking a moment to look beyond your world and into New Orleans – as I hope it will encourage you to take a deeper look into your own city. This has been such a lovely pleasure!

Allyson McAbee and Hannah Swamp

Credits: Images by Allyson McAbee. Data linked to sources.

Allyson McAbee

Allyson McAbee is a graduate of Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge with a degree in Landscape Architecture. Currently living in New Orleans, Louisiana she works at a residential design, build firm while volunteering at gardens and farms around the city. Traveling to various countries initially sparked her interests in Landscape Architecture. While traveling, her desire to understand relationships between various cultures and their environments became apparent. Immediately after graduating Allyson continued her passion for traveling before making a home in New Orleans. In the Big Easy her love for culture, people, food, dancing, music, visual and performance art are available by walking down the street. Allyson plans to pursue a Masters in Urban Studies with a focus on anthropology. Finding fulfillment in community social planning, she would like to not only design with the environment in mind, but for the people who live in it. Her writing will be reflective of her interests in cultural relationships to land.

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  1. Allyson McAbee Says:

    I need to make a correction to my own post. New Orleans actually has a city population of nearly 370,000 people just for Orleans Parish not 37,000. Sorry about the lost “0″.

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