February 16 2012

5 Tips to Designing an Appealing Banner Advertisement

Banner Advertisements

An ad banner advertisement is a form of advertising on the Internet, typically composed of an image that is linked to your company’s website. Banners are a unique form of advertising in which a company usually pays a fee based on the amount of traffic that the ad generates, or cost per click (CPC). The image to the left showcases different sizes and location options for banner ads that can contribute to your company’s success.

Ad banner graphic design is extremely important for increasing business leads, and Global Site Plans can help your company gain industry distinction with appealing Internet ads that capture the attention and entice Internet users.

Below are 5 tips on designing exceptional banner advertisements:

1. Simple Design

Choose colors for your banner ad that contrast the background color of your website, with legible fonts. Use relevant pictures associated with your business, not necessarily your business logo. Logos are often more abstract and confuse users instead of attracting them. GSP can show you how to design a logo that will enhance your Internet ad.

2. Concise Content

Emphasize one benefit per banner advertisement, and one call-to-action. A benefit is what the consumer will enjoy by using your company. This keeps the advertisement clear and effective and will increase your click-through rate. Confusing banner advertisements get less clicks.

3. Target Your Audience

Make sure that your ad banner advertisements appear on websites that closely match the audience of your architect company market. Banner ads which are linked to keyword searches have higher click-through rates than those that are placed randomly.

4. Incite A Response

Banner advertisements that ask the user to answer a question or participate in a poll have a higher click-through rate. These interactive ads use flash and design to incite interest in your company. A flash banner is a necessary addition to any Internet marketing campaign.

5. Display Professionalism

Banner ads provide the first impression of both your website and your company. A smart, concise, contemporary, and attractive banner ad, designed by Global Site Plans, will display professionalism at first glance and will increase your click-through rate and volume of business leads.

These 5 tips will increase your company’s click-through rate while boosting traffic to your website and your company’s products and services. What other tips do you know of that help make banner advertisements a successful way to market?

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Patricia Kent

Patricia Kent wrote for The GRID between October 2011 and October 2012. During this time she was a graduate student in Community & Regional Planning with a concentration in Latin American Studies at the University of New Mexico. She was also a recent transplant to Mammoth Lakes, CA. Her interests ranged from political theory and public policy to sustainable tourism. A strong advocate for participatory planning practices, her studies focused on community capacity building and economic development. She believed in fostering entrepreneurship in communities. Currently, Patricia is working on economic sustainability policies that benefit both the preservation of the Eastern Sierras as well as the ever-increasing tourist population.

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