May 30 2013

Students for CNU Session Summary: The Congress for the New Urbansim’s CNU21

This CNU21 session was geared toward student, campus, and faculty involvement with SNU, or Students for the New Urbanism. This is the only session offered that has a focus on students. The purpose of the meeting was to essentially brainstorm ideas for a better CNU, or the Congress for the New Urbanism, and SNU involvement on university campuses.

Students for the New Urbanism

While only a few of the two dozen attendees were actually students, everyone had ideas for facilitating conversations between Students for the New Urbanism, the Congress for the New Urbanism, and universities. None of the students who attended have SNU chapters at their universities- even those who are going to school in Salt Lake City. Only two attendees were women.

Only eight universities in the country have SNU chapters. The closest one is in Arizona, at Arizona State University. The rest are scattered throughout the Eastern seaboard and Southern United States. This reality is probably why non-SNU members were the majority at this session.

It was confirmed that there are plans to create an online job and internship board. SNU members would get first notification of these openings, and then they would be open to the public after an undetermined period of time.

Most attendees, particularly those studying in Salt Lake City, expressed concern over competing urban planning groups or memberships. For example, the APA, or American Planning Association, already has a strong hold in many campuses across the U.S.

There may be student-only sessions at future CNU Congresses. This will give students a chance to share their research, receive constructive criticism, and network with one another.

Facilitators of the session as well as attendees pointed out that getting ahold of faculty can be incredibly difficult due to technology familiarity and use differences. Getting faculty on board with forming a new Students for the New Urbanism chapter is key to the chapter’s success and longevity, as students are only present for a limited amount of time.

Does/Did your university have a SNU chapter? What made the chapter great or flounder?

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Aascot Holt

Aascot Holt is an undergraduate at Eastern Washington University, pursuing a major in Urban and Regional Planning and a minor in Geography. She will graduate in the spring of 2013. She is from Stevenson, WA and currently lives in Spokane, WA in a brick 1936 kit house. She is most intrigued by small-city and small town planning, parks and recreation planning, long-range planning, and historic preservation. She hopes to continue her habit of being involved with many planning projects at a time, and fears being pigeonholed. Aascot maintains the “Being A Planning Student” Tumblr as well as her planning-centric blog, The Comprehensive. She is currently writing Cheney, WA’s entirely new comprehensive parks, recreation, and trails plan, completely pro bono. More can be learned about her endeavors via LinkedIn.

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