May 22 2013

Must-See New Urbanism Projects in Salt Lake City, Utah

Christie Oostema, Planning Director at Envision Utah said in a recent podcast that she hopes to see Salt Lake City become an incubator for new urbanism projects. The city has succeeded in developing a few new urbanism projects already. These developments are the best ones to see while attending CNU21. CNU21 is this year’s annual Congress for the New Urbanism conference and will be held at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah May 29th through June 1st, 2013.

Map of Granary District in relation to the Grand America Hotel

Closest to the Grand America Hotel is the Granary District. This 99-acre mixed use transit-oriented development, or TOD, was a mixture of land uses ranging from single family housing to heavy industrial in the late 1800s. In 1999, the Granary District started to become the hip area Salt Lake City cherishes today. The gentrification efforts are particularly interesting to those in the planning and community development fields as the district has major highways running on the West and South boundaries and major arterials along the North and East boundaries. A smashed-in corner of development like this poses great challenges to those who attempt to create a sense of community in it. Salt Lake City’s efforts have certainly paid off here.

How to get to City Creek Center from the Grand America Hotel

City Creek Center is a mixed-use development near Salt Lake City’s downtown Temple Square. It boasts upscale, open-air shopping, office, and residential buildings. There is even a simulated creek running through the premises. From what I’ve heard from other planning professionals, it’s a unique experience that shouldn’t be missed while visiting Salt Lake City.

Daybreak Map

Daybreak is a master planned single-family home community in Salt Lake Valley. This suburb is particularly special because it abides by the five minute rule. From the front door of each and every home in the development, you’re only a five minute or less walk to: a park and/or trail; a light rail station; a community garden; shops and restaurants; a school; and office space. At full build-out, the development will have 20,000 homes and 100,000 trees. The development can be reached from the Grand America Hotel via TRAX, Salt Lake City’s light rail system. Simply take the RED line to the last stop, Daybreak Parkway.

Which new urbanism-inspired project are you most proud of in your city?

Credits: Images and references linked to sources. Google Maps altered by author.

Aascot Holt

Aascot Holt is an undergraduate at Eastern Washington University, pursuing a major in Urban and Regional Planning and a minor in Geography. She will graduate in the spring of 2013. She is from Stevenson, WA and currently lives in Spokane, WA in a brick 1936 kit house. She is most intrigued by small-city and small town planning, parks and recreation planning, long-range planning, and historic preservation. She hopes to continue her habit of being involved with many planning projects at a time, and fears being pigeonholed. Aascot maintains the “Being A Planning Student” Tumblr as well as her planning-centric blog, The Comprehensive. She is currently writing Cheney, WA’s entirely new comprehensive parks, recreation, and trails plan, completely pro bono. More can be learned about her endeavors via LinkedIn.

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