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December 15 2014

“Main Street Movement” Spurs the Revitalization of Small Towns in Iowa

December 15th, 2014Posted by 

Small towns in Iowa all seem to have one thing in common: historic Main Streets. The Main Streets of Iowa are typically composed of a few blocks of low-slung brick buildings. They are simplistic and unimposing, with small businesses on the ground level and housing or office space above. While the historic significance of these […]

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December 08 2014

The Tomorrow Plan: Des Moines, Iowa’s Attempt at Regional Planning

December 8th, 2014Posted by 

In 2011, the Des Moines Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) initiated an attempt at regional planning for the Greater Des Moines area, the goal being to coordinate planning efforts among municipalities in order to promote sustainability in the region. This project is known as the Tomorrow Plan, a title that looks to the future. While this […]

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November 24 2014

The Suburban Pushback Against Affordable Housing in West Des Moines, Iowa

November 24th, 2014Posted by 

The city of West Des Moines is an affluent, growing community in the Des Moines metropolitan area. However, it faces challenges when it comes to affordable housing. Market rate single family housing is the typical type of development seen in West Des Moines, as it is in most suburban communities, but this pattern of development […]

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October 31 2014

Des Moines, Iowa’s East Village: Unique Storefronts Cultivating Sense of Place

October 31st, 2014Posted by 

While Des Moines, Iowa is a city with a population density of only 2,527 people per square mile and rapidly expanding suburbs, one neighborhood in the downtown core has managed to maintain some urban character. With its many boutique shops and noticeable lack of national chains, The East Village contributes a unique charm to Des […]

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October 27 2014

The Food Deserts of Des Moines, Iowa: Limited Access in the Breadbasket of America

October 27th, 2014Posted by 

In a state often referred to as “America’s Breadbasket,” it seems counterintuitive to think that food security would pose much of a problem. But in Des Moines, Iowa, however, it does. The city’s low population density and inability to attract chain grocers has made it so that great swaths of the downtown core are designated as […]

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September 26 2014

Bike Sharing Program in Ames, Iowa Loses Out on Funding

September 26th, 2014Posted by 

As bike sharing programs continue to proliferate in cities and college campuses across the US, Iowa State University is in the midst of creating its own bike share program to be integrated with the City of Ames. The university is utilizing student work to design the bike network, and has allocated a small amount of […]

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September 19 2014

The Ames, Iowa Economy in the Wake of VEISHEA Cancellation

September 19th, 2014Posted by 

The city of Ames, Iowa will be saying goodbye to VEISHEA, the largest student-organized festival in the United States, after a university task force declared its cancellation this past month. This festival’s importance to the city of Ames lies in its ability to draw in tens of thousands of visitors, thus stimulating the local economy. Now […]

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August 29 2014

Redevelopment Brings Luxury Student Apartments to Ames, Iowa

August 29th, 2014Posted by 

As construction began this summer on the Campustown Redevelopment Project in Ames, Iowa, new signs have gone up at the construction site advertising two new luxury student apartment complexes. These complexes, named The Foundry and 23 Twenty Lincoln, will be located just across the street from Iowa State University and will fulfill a need for […]

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August 15 2014

Campustown Action Association: Informing via Social Media in Ames, Iowa

August 15th, 2014Posted by 

When a major redevelopment project happens in a community, it is important to keep residents informed and aware of every step of the planning process. In Ames, Iowa, this responsibility is taken up by the Campustown Action Association (CAA). This neighborhood organization seeks to promote the vitality of the Ames neighborhood known as Campustown. One […]

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