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July 21 2014

The SFMOMA Expansion: Increasing Community Connection Through Transparency

July 21st, 2014Posted by 

Commonly, the most dreaded hurdle for architects is: How to address the site in a way which does not dismiss the surrounding urban fabric. Drawing in the occasional pedestrian would be a compliment, but it is not always that simple. A building’s connection with both city and site can often become clouded and disjointed with […]

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June 18 2014

The Bay Bridge Deconstruction: Can Demolition Be Sustainable?

June 18th, 2014Posted by 

San Francisco’s Bay Bridge, which has served as a work-horse for the bay area since 1936, is undergoing demolition to make way for a more contemporary counterpart. The new bridge is already becoming a world icon claiming its spot as one of the most seismically advanced structures in the world. It is the world’s longest and […]

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May 23 2014

Vision Zero Project: Rethinking “Safe” Pedestrian Infrastructure in San Francisco

May 23rd, 2014Posted by 

Walking through downtown San Francisco can have an appeal similar to a game of Russian roulette. But in this game of chance, the bullets are one to two ton cars. Within half an hour, I had the unfortunate privilege of witnessing a bicyclist get run off the road and a skateboarder slam face first into a […]

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