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August 08 2014

Farewell to The Grid, from Chris Christou in Athens, Greece

August 8th, 2014Posted by 

My journey with The Grid started on the streets of Athens in February 2014, on an unexpectedly sunny day in-between a gloomy and rainy week. I had in front of me, six months to explore the Athenian urban and suburban landscapes. My first priority was to investigate the current status of environmental design, and all other […]

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July 25 2014

Glass Buildings, A Past Perfect Trend in Athens, Greece

July 25th, 2014Posted by 

From rural to urban, and from marble to glass, the history of the contemporary city of Athens has been vigorous, exciting and sometimes contradictory. While the last marbles of the Acropolis are looking at Athens from above, few other things have managed to distinguish themselves from the cityscape. The tall glass building, known as the […]

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July 11 2014

Navarinou & Plato’s Academy Parks: Communities Create Public Space in Athens

July 11th, 2014Posted by 

Currently, in the city of Athens, Greece, there are various initiatives lead by local groups and community members, taking action to improve city life by any means necessary. Is it possible that these activities could bring a series of changes to the city landscape, that otherwise may be very unlikely to happen. On opposite sites in central Athens, residents […]

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June 26 2014

Athenians Continue to Fight for a Bike Lane Network

June 26th, 2014Posted by 

In Athens, Greece, cyclists raise their voices for their safety and rights. Authorities return that there is no room in Athens for bicycles. But it’s more correct to say that “there is no more room for cars in Athens - and plenty of room for bicycles!” The topic of bike lanes is more commonly encountered in mayoral pre-election […]

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June 10 2014

Former Hellenico Airport : Checking-in at an Open Space in Athens, Greece

June 10th, 2014Posted by 

Almost fifteen years have passed since the last commercial flight departed from Hellenico International Airport in Athens, Greece. Covering six hundred hectares, there is abandoned infrastructure, leftover auxiliary facilities and expansive wide open space waiting to be re-purposed. Nearly twice as big as Hyde Park or Central Park and with five kilometers of coastline, Hellenico is a huge piece […]

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May 19 2014

Is Athens, Greece, a Hotbed or a Dead End for Running Enthusiasts?

May 19th, 2014Posted by 

Signifying the finish line of the prestigious Classical Marathon race, Athens, Greece, still struggles to be identified as a runner friendly city. So what are the conditions missing to keep the running enthusiasts … running? Modern Greeks may better be described as frivolous car-users than patient runners, despite the Marathon’s tradition in Greece. However, in the last couple of years, running has […]

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May 08 2014

The Extraordinary Character of Former Refugee Houses in Athens, Greece

May 8th, 2014Posted by 

As distinctive examples of Modern architecture, the former refugee houses in Athens can be described as the prelude to the city’s contemporary urban development. Although they have earned a place in Modern Greek history, nowadays these buildings struggle to maintain their existence. The 1920′s forced displacement of the Greek population from Asia Minor to Greece […]

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April 29 2014

Athens to its Combat Heat Island Effect with a City of Green Roofs?

April 29th, 2014Posted by 

With over three thousand hours of sunshine per year, Athens, and Greece in general, is blessed with the gift of sun. And as a result, solar heaters rule the cityscape. Establishing their presence in the 1970s, solar heaters became popular in Greece, and since then their use has continued to increase. Greece ranks second amongst European […]

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April 18 2014

Ten Years After the Athens Olympics: A Review

April 18th, 2014Posted by 

Long story short, Athens 2004 Olympic venues are for sale. In March 2014, Hellenic Republic Assets Development Fund (ADF) acquired several new properties; among those the Olympic Equestrian Centre, the Olympic Rowing Centre and the Galatsi Indoor Hall. A decade after the Athens 2004 Olympics, the bliss has faded away and the Olympic venues, with their […]

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April 08 2014

Protestors in Athens Take to the Streets as Landfill Development Continues

April 8th, 2014Posted by 

With what criteria should we evaluate which places make perfect wastelands? Should we continue burdening an already polluted area or should we create new sites of pollution? There is not a more igniting local issue than the waste management of Athens and Attica, particularly these days anticipating the Greek Municipal Elections of May 2014. With […]

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April 02 2014

Visual Pollution in the City of Athens, Greece: Escaping this Aesthetic Prison

April 2nd, 2014Posted by 

Visiting Athens, Greece, you will hear that the city looks pretty in August or during popular holidays, while half the population is away on vacations. Obviously less people equals less noise and traffic, but is this really the case? Could Athens ever be described as a pretty place? Blinded by the history of Athens, contemporary […]

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March 21 2014

Rethink Athens Initiative: Is this the Right Way Towards a New City Centre?

March 21st, 2014Posted by 

No trees, high temperatures during the summer, noisy, congested and often cramped with protests – the centre of the Greek capital has become a place to avoid at all costs. Re-think Athens, the Onassis Foundation Initiative to transform Athens centre into a friendlier environment, recently opened the exhibition “Towards a New City Centre” in the […]

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