November 21 2013

UNL to Redesign Student Union in An Effort to Perpetuate A Modernized Ideology

University of Nebraska -  Lincoln Union in Lincoln, Nebraska

Public Universities are always looking to grow and expand to attract incoming collegiate students. The University of Nebraska-Lincoln in the city of Lincoln, Nebraska is no different and in the coming years, they have some big plans for its campus. While sports facilities and arenas, updated academic buildings, and dorms have taken shape towards a modern design, now it’s time for the heart of campus to have its turn; the student union.

University of Nebraska -  Lincoln Union in Lincoln, Nebraska

As the building is comprised of several additions from several decades, there is a great disconnect within the building and many outdated features in desperate need of revitalization. The University has started renovation efforts in some problem areas, specifically in study areas; however there are many more renovations in the works. Amidst all of the renovations however, the main goal is a more cohesive and functional building, with modern design features, catered to current and incoming students alike.

Some updates include:

  • Updated student study areas;
  • Relocation of student services;
  • Updated restaurant concourse;
  • Ballroom built to overlook the fountain; and
  • Multi-level atrium with student lounge.

These renovations have been one of collaboration, working along with architects at the Milwaukee architectural firm, Workshop Architects. As a firm that specializes in designing unions, the University has chosen to utilize the firm’s expertise in order to create a new and revitalized student union. Architects are also enlisting the input from students, faculty, and staff for feedback regarding what key aspects should be addressed in the renovations – with the main goal being to make a more modernized, unique, and welcoming building.

These renovation initiatives are proof as to how important revitalization and updates are in creating a desirable, competitive, and modern University. The emphasis placed on creating new appealing spaces for the students, highlights how universities truly are giving back to the students. Expanding and modernizing university facilities are all a part of creating a new identity for the University of Nebraska- Lincoln, following a progressive and forward thinking ideology in order to think big and create a memorable premier institution.

As the University of Nebraska-Lincoln aims to create identity through architecture, how have you seen public Universities do the same in your community?

Credits: Images by Lisa Gran. Data linked to sources.

Lisa Gran

Lisa Gran is an undergraduate student in her final semester of studying Biological Systems Engineering at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. As an aspiring engineer, Lisa is especially interested in the utilization and development of environmentally sound materials in sustainable planning and design. As she nears the end of her undergraduate studies, she plans on gearing a career in sustainable urban design and engineering principles, drawing inspiration from cities around the globe.

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