March 14 2013

Lincoln, Nebraska’s 2015Vision: A Lesson in Networking Propelling Vision To Action

The propulsion of urban planning is vital this day in age. Innovation and ideas must be at constant work and implementation, in order to create a positive vision. Within the city of Lincoln, Nebraska, the group 2015Vision, has embraced this platform and embodied key ideas in innovative design. This group is compiled of local business leaders working together to implement projects that benefit the city of Lincoln, the University of Nebraska, and the community as a whole and have made an overwhelming impact in the city. The organizations main point of view is to “attract the next generation, which craves a progressive community thriving on a foundation of Midwestern values.”
Lincoln Nebraska 2015Vision

The formation of this group shows the importance of marketing tactics as well as the mix of public-private partnerships. With this mix of business and public sector, the city of Lincoln has been able to invest in projects that have escalated the city to new heights. This group has several pillars to their vision which include such projects in revitalization and expansion such as:

  • Haymarket Park - Construct a new arena as well as expand the Haymarket Park area;
  • Sports Triangle - Provide a place for state and regional sports tournaments, while providing entertainment options;
  • Arts and Humanities - Develop arts and humanities block in Haymarket area;
  • Agriculture Exposition - Create year-round regional agricultural exhibition;
  • Downtown Plaza P and Q streets - Implement a plaza that provides housing, parking garages, and entertainment at 13th and P Streets;
  • Antelope Valley - Develop the newly configured Antelope Creek waterway and outdoor recreational area;
  • UNL Research and Development - Develop an innovative campus area within the University of Nebraska- Lincoln.

Lincoln, Nebraska 2015Vision

Since the formation of this group in 2006, 2015Vision group has been able to complete many of these prospective projects through local support and advocacy. 2015Vision’s success is greatly attributed to the system of networks and connections they have created. This is truly a lesson of the importance of networking during collaboration, especially when working with the concepts of new design, urban planning, and forward thinking.

As Lincoln has benefited immensely with the formation of the collaborative group 2015Vision, in what ways do you think your city would benefit from such an advocacy group?

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Lisa Gran

Lisa Gran is an undergraduate student studying Biological Systems Engineering at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. As an aspiring engineer, Lisa is especially interested in the utilization and development of environmentally sound materials in sustainable planning and design. As she progresses in her studies, she is finding more and more that her passion lies in sustainable urban design and engineering principles, drawing inspiration from cities around the globe. Although reporting from the mid-western city of Lincoln, Lisa is setting out to explore how Lincoln is becoming a place of innovation for sustainability.

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