November 16 2011

Eye-Catching Urban Design Business Cards

Related to my previous article on Unique Architecture Business Card Designs, this article explores eye-catching Urban Design Business Cards. No matter what specialization someone has acquired in life, it is paramount to be able to gain a clientele. A unique and memorable business card is pivotal to a business, social network, or any other type of association.

The business card of Urban Designs, below, is yellow and orange. These colors are very bright and so automatically catch the eye of the casual observer. It very clearly articulates what is offered by the company, the name of the employee, and his contact information. The shape is memorable becuase it sort of looks like the border on a Uno card. It is a game everyone has played and it is a very fun game. So, maybe the viewer will see the business card, see the color and the shape, and subconsciously associate the company with fun. This would be ideal, of course, because a company that comes off as fun is a company that seems trustworthy.

The card by MOD, below, is a semi-three dimensional card. It is visually appealing and very unique. Yet, it possesses elegance and an overt message. It has a cityscape embedded in it, and so it is very apparent but it also is a comb and apparently an instrument. Talk about adaptive reuse!!

The Contempo business card, below, is one that can be folded into a type of furniture. The furniture is something that perhaps is offered by the company and so the business card also acts as 3-dimensional signage. Not only that but it also acts as a game in much the same way making paper airplanes is. Most impotantly, the chair is an event of parametric variation and reminds the client that the chair is theirs to create.

These are just a couple of example of unique business cards. Why is it important to stand out from the crowd? Does your business card give you this ability?

Credits: Images linked to sources.

Jeff P Jilek

Jeff Jilek has earned a B.S. in Architecture with a Minor in City & Regional Planning from the Ohio State University. He has been involved with architecture since his junior year of High School when he attended Eastland Career Center’s Architecture program. Sustainable Design is something that he is most interested in but also has taken many college level courses in psychology, political science, and philosophy. He will be attends Arizona State University for continuing education. He is pursuing both his M.B.A and Master of Architecture degrees. He blogged about pertinent issues in design and how design relates to global dynamics, culture, and economy.

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  1. sarah Says:

    hi i am interested in the comb shape business card? please could you contact me with prices thanks. Its for a m-up artist work

  2. globalsiteplans Says:

    The business card image is provided by the following website. You can follow-up with them regarding this specific style, however, if you are interested in other options please feel free to contact us again. Thank you for your inquiry.

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