January 02 2013

Denisa Petrus: Farewell to Global Site Plans and The Grid

Six months ago, I was interviewed online in order to join the Environmental Design blogging team of The Grid. A brand new experience was waiting for me and I jumped at the opportunity. It combined a rich blend of sustainability in local architecture and urbanism, peppered with the responsibility to transmit accurate details about inspiring projects and situations – to be read worldwide. So our collaboration started!

Luckily, my location, Copenhagen, is a spirited promoter of sustainability; a huge investor in research and the implementation of new technologies coupled by an open-minded community determined to change for the better. Copenhagen has been enlightening me, as a fresh graduate with interests in architecture and urban design, and now I have had the chance to praise its creative, entrepreneurial spirit to everybody else.

It is rather fascinating how you can draw your vision of the city in words. Additionally, this usually involves research to assure the accuracy of each subject. Inevitably, unknown information is uncovered along browsing for specific details; new ideas sparked. Case by case, my writing tasks became a reason to enrich my vocabulary and writing skills.

As a fresh graduate, it is a must to have an active profile. The Grid is a fantastic tool to highlight your curiosity and interests in your own community. The whole concept presents the bloggers on another level, a transparent target for future employers.

Finally, I am grateful to have shared this experience with Renee van Staveren, who edited and managed my drafts. It has been a useful exercise of long-term online communication, which encourages young professionals to step-up and participate in promoting an environmentally-conscious world.

Thank you for your attention, I would not hesitate to respond to future collaborations with Global Site Plans,

Denisa Petrus

Denisa Petrus

Denisa Petrus, following a Constructing Architect Bachelors Degree at VIA University, in Denmark, recently graduated after completing her final project at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain. Her international educational background and practice as project architect in Dublin helped her gain a expanded perspective over the streamlining process from design to construction. She aims to further develop her commitment to the sustainability paradigm by starting a Master in Sustainable Architecture degree in the near future. Currently settled in Copenhagen, Denmark, a genuinely environmentally-conscious city, Denisa is constantly inspired by its` vitality and pragmatic approach. Her blogs sketch and summarize the Scandinavian urban experience, a symbiosis between contexts and behavior, esthetics and technology.

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