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February 13 2013

Core Values: The Regeneration of the Center of Guayaquil, Ecuador

February 13th, 2013Posted by 

After forty-eight hours in a city, you usually have an idea about whether you enjoy it, or if you just want to leave. This time frame may allow for a walk through the city’s center and, perhaps a visit to a few well-known attractions or landmarks. On a visit to Ecuador’s commercial center and principal port Guayaquil, you […]

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January 30 2013

Concrete Orchards: The Development of Community Gardening in Barcelona, Spain

January 30th, 2013Posted by 

It is amazing how crisis can affect us. When times get tough, customs and lifestyles are often altered, and life can get stripped closer to the primitive. Through Spain’s current economic crisis, as well as through Barcelona’s populous nature, the platform for the development of humble community gardens within the city’s few uninhabited sites has […]

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January 17 2013

Macedonia: Lost in the Times: The 21st Century Struggles of Skopjes Roma Community

January 17th, 2013Posted by 

In a European Capital, one imagines that people from all demographics would be entitled to contemporary resources and basic services. However, in the Southern European country of Macedonia around ten percent of the capital’s population consists of a Roma community that is practically economically and socially excluded from the first world. The Romans have origins that […]

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January 02 2013

The Value of Architecture: Whats Worth Preserving?

January 2nd, 2013Posted by 

In “Writing About Architecture,” Alexander Lange treats the reader to a process as well as a list of critiques that we can employ to deem the importance and worth of a building. Chapter 3 entitled ‘Whats Worth Preserving’ promotes famous art historian’s Alois Riegl’s five values that help the critic utilize a framework, which he can […]

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December 19 2012

Containing Medellin: The Development of the First Urban Green Belt in Colombia

December 19th, 2012Posted by 

Whenever flying into developing Latin American cities, one cannot help but notice the characteristics of the peripheries of the city. The city may be fringed by informal dwellings where evidence of infrastructure trails off as you peer further away from the city centre. Equally, it may be located within a valley where an agglomeration of […]

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