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November 19 2012

Energy Policies and New Energy Strategies for Turkey: International Energy Congress and Fair

November 19th, 2012Posted by 

Energy policies are important in Turkey because it imports 60% of its energy use, according to research conducted by TUIK. In recent years, the government has increased its investment in sustainable energy sources. Despite this encouraging news, Turkey currently produces 20% of electrical energy from renewable energy sources (18% hydroelectic power plant %2 wind turbines); […]

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November 05 2012

Creating Sustainable Communities: Kerkenes Eco-Center in Ankara, Turkey

November 5th, 2012Posted by 

Sustainability is important in order to create livable cities and healthy communities. Sustainability is a concept which relates to every discipline and considers the next generation, including nature. Humans should be required to deal with the environment in such an integrated approach. In recent years, gas emissions, the greenhouse effect, and natural resource shortages have […]

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October 22 2012

Conservation of Traditional Turkish Houses

October 22nd, 2012Posted by 

Although Turkey has a well-established architectural background, today we cannot protect this heritage. Existing, historical urban patterns in cities have been destroyed as a result of the rapidly increasing population and construction of reinforced concrete buildings. The value of historical preservation, lost in the recent years, has come back once gain and the government has […]

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October 08 2012

Sustainable Living in Turkey: Güneşköy Ecovillage in Ankara

October 8th, 2012Posted by 

Our present era is related with globalization, speed, and consumption. This understanding has affected societies around the world, especially large metropolitan areas. People who live in big cities escape to ecovillages to move away from the fast life; to live in a more sustainable and natural environment. A group of people have established the Güneşköy […]

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September 24 2012

Towards Inclusive Universities: Ankara, Turkey

September 24th, 2012Posted by 

Despite the recent increase in the number of universities in Turkey, universal accessibility is questionable. Disabled students can only study at the departments that they can physically access, not the departments they choose. There are a considerable number of disabled students that live and study under very difficult conditions. According the World Health Organization research […]

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September 10 2012

Are the Urban Transformation Projects in Turkey Successful?

September 10th, 2012Posted by 

Urban transformation is dedicated to creating and implementing comprehensive revitalization programs in neighbourhoods. In general, it is the re-handling of  urban development through socially, economically, and spatial aspects. This includes the destruction and rebuilding of problematic areas in the city in order to make them healthy and live-able. Due to the influx of immigration communities […]

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August 27 2012

Urban Agriculture in Ankara, Turkey: Ataturk Forest Farm

August 27th, 2012Posted by 

Creating green areas in big cities is necessary for people to live better lives. Places for urban agriculture, away from park and recreation areas, in cities, contribute to economic and ecological sustainability, as well as creating green corridors where people can breathe and thrive. The first urban agriculture area was established by Ataturk who founded […]

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August 13 2012

First Breeam Certificated Shopping Mall in Ankara, Turkey: Gordion Shopping Mall

August 13th, 2012Posted by 

Although Istanbul is the city which has the most green certificated buildings constructed in Turkey, other cities, such as Ankara, have unique examples also. One such example is the Gordion Shopping Mall. The Gordion Shopping Mall, whose architectural design was realized by REDEVCO, is the largest building with a BREEAM “Excellent” certification in Turkey and […]

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July 30 2012

New Sustainable Approaches by the Mass Housing Administration (MHA) of Turkey

July 30th, 2012Posted by 

Since their initiatives began, the Mass Housing Administration (MHA) has constructed more than 500,000 housing units all over Turkey, all with the same standards, causing identical residential buildings. In order to change this approach, Erdoğan Bayraktar, the former president of MHA, stated that “we need some standards and approaches to decrease costs and increase human comfort in mass […]

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July 16 2012

Towards Green Public Buildings in Turkey: 100 Public Buildings Project

July 16th, 2012Posted by 

Since 2000, important developments have occurred regarding energy efficiency and sustainability in contemporary buildings in Turkey. Initially, energy efficiency had become an issue attracting the attention of private sector. This issue is now being considered by the government; thus, new laws and regulations have entered into force in order to decrease energy consumption and to […]

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July 02 2012

Mamak Landfill Waste Management Project: Ankara, Turkey

July 2nd, 2012Posted by 

Landfills within metropolitans create serious problems both because of environmental pollution and the large areas they cover in city territories. Today, several methods have been developed with the purpose of rehabilitating such areas. In Turkey, ITC Invest Trading & Consulting AG was the first company putting such applications into practice on behalf of the Ankara […]

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June 18 2012

The Historic Area in the Heart of Ankara, Turkey: Hamamönü District

June 18th, 2012Posted by 

Urban transformation projects re-utilize degraded regions within the city by providing them new functionality, and in this way, increasing sustainability at the city scale. Hamamönü district is an example of such a transformation. The district is dominated by traditional civil architecture of the 19th century and has been standing in ruins in the center of […]

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June 04 2012

5 Social Media Tips For Increasing Public Participation in Urban Planning

June 4th, 2012Posted by 

The importance of social media, in our daily lives, is increasing day-by-day. We shop from websites, which our friends have recommended from Twitter, instead of going to the shopping mall. We schedule our social life according to events which are highly advertised or shared on Facebook. And we talk to our friends via messengers, instead […]

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