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October 16 2013

Empowering Social Change at OpenPlan’s Planning Camp

October 16th, 2013Posted by 

On Sunday, October 12, 2013, I attended Planning Camp at Laney College in Oakland, California. About fifty people of various backgrounds gathered into an auditorium to discuss how urban planning and technology can be bridged to guide social change. The day-long session was hosted by OpenPlans, a nonprofit that develops open source technology to solve planning […]

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October 08 2013

Your New Ride Comes With a Pink Mustache: Ridesharing Legalized in California

October 8th, 2013Posted by 

Welcome to the future of transportation. Download an app, tap the screen on your iPhone or Android device to locate yourself on the map and hit “Request.” It’s easy, it’s fun and now, it’s legal. Lyft is part of a growing community of rideshare services in the state of California. The California Public Utilities Commission […]

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September 25 2013

Welcoming New Retail: Recapping #thegrid Twitter Chat on Pop-up Shops

September 25th, 2013Posted by 

Global Site Plans’ The Grid recently dug into the world of pop-ups. After exploring the topic in our previous post, we partnered with Storefront and Popuphood on Twitter, following #thegrid, to dive deeper into the subject. What came about was a fast-paced, hour-long discussion that revealed five major trends about pop-ups. 1) There Are Many […]

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September 24 2013

The Desperate Need for Effective Regional Planning in The San Francisco Bay Area

September 24th, 2013Posted by 

Between 2010 and 2040, the Bay Area’s nine counties are projected to add: 1.1 million jobs and 2.1 million people and 660,000 homes. On July 18th, the Bay Area took a major step in addressing its long-term regional growth. The Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) adopted Plan Bay […]

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September 16 2013

Welcoming Popuphood to #thegrid Tweetchat

September 16th, 2013Posted by 

We are pleased to announce Popuphood will be joining The Grid and Storefront this Wednesday, September 18 to co-host our Twitter Chat. We will be discussing pop-up shops and encourage you to participate. Popuphood will provide valuable insight to the conversation. Founded in 2011, the small business incubator revitalizes neighborhoods one block at a time. […]

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September 11 2013

Communities Thrive With a New Kind of Store: #thegrid Discusses the Benefits of Pop-Up Shops and the Driving Force Behind Them

September 11th, 2013Posted by 

Retail has long been perceived as a stationary industry. Unless they were going out of business, stores were expected to stay in the same spot for years. However, a recent movement is changing this image. Now, businesses of all types are moving from space to space, coming and going as they please.  Pop-up shops, as […]

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September 10 2013

It’s the BAY AREA Rapid Transit, Except for Marin…They’re Exclusive

September 10th, 2013Posted by 

The BART, short for Bay Area Rapid Transit, is the key transportation system for the 390,000 daily riders in the San Francisco Bay Area. But if you look at the map below, you will notice a large piece of land without any transit lines running through it. Marin County is home to over 252,000 residents, […]

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September 04 2013

The 2013 Top 10 Websites For City Builders – With Coverage of the Top 20

September 4th, 2013Posted by 

Shortly after posting our last Top 20 list, Brent Toderian, an engaged Twitter follower and professional urban planner, suggested we compile a list of websites for “multidisciplinary urbanists / city-builders.” To make a slightly longer story short, we took his idea to heart and created this new list. We gathered every relevant site, none of […]

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August 27 2013

Freeway Underpasses as Opportunities for Celebration

August 27th, 2013Posted by 

President Eisenhower may have not been aware, when signing the Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1956, that many of the 41,000 miles of road would be built through densely populated areas, but that’s exactly what happened. The lanes built to help move troops quickly and connect suburban residents to jobs in cities ended up disconnecting urban […]

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August 22 2013

A Match Made In Heaven Shows Why Pop-Up Retail Works

August 22nd, 2013Posted by 

Pop-up retail has always been possible, but maybe it just took the right group of people to make it work on a large scale. Storefront is a start-up company that helps businesses limited to just the web lease out vacant store space for a short amount of time. By developing productive relationships with brokers and […]

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August 13 2013

Introducing 21st Century Urbanism – Local Planning: Contemporary Principles and Practice

August 13th, 2013Posted by 

Whether you want an introduction to urban planning or are looking to become a city guru, Local Planning: Contemporary Principles and Practice is your source for knowledge on the topic. Published by ICMA Press, in cooperation with the American Planning Association and University Pennsylvania School of Design, this three-part text offers a wealth of information […]

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July 30 2013

Preparing for the Population Wave: Transit & New Housing Coordination in San Francisco

July 30th, 2013Posted by 

Between 2010 and 2040, San Francisco will need 92,410 new housing units and 191,000 more jobs to accommodate its growing population. The city alone will take in 134,000 more residents between now and 2035, while the Bay Area can expect an additional 2.1 million people by 2040. This growth is going to happen whether San […]

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July 23 2013

Where Engineers Go: The Top 10 Engineering Websites for 2013 – And Coverage of the Top 20

July 23rd, 2013Posted by 

This past month, The Grid has brought you lists for the top 20 urban planning, architecture and landscape architecture websites for 2013. In these lists we compared our rankings to those from 2012. But this year we have expanded our horizons and created one more list devoted to the Top 20 Engineering Websites for 2013. […]

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July 17 2013

Where Landscape Architects Go: The Top 10 Landscape Architecture Websites for 2013 – And Coverage of the Top 20

July 17th, 2013Posted by 

On August 28, 2012 we released the Top 20 International Landscape Architecture Websites 2012. Now, the time has come to create a new list for 2013.  This year’s Top 20 lists for urban planning and architecture were released on July 1st and we were excited to see a mix of sites from last year’s lists, […]

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July 16 2013

San Francisco’s Waterfront in Search of a New Look

July 16th, 2013Posted by 

San Francisco has been the beneficiary—some might say victim– of an impressive construction boom during the past 18 months. Cranes can be seen going to work in several neighborhoods around the city, both in the heart of the downtown or along the aquatic edges that border the bay. The changes San Francisco can expect to see along its waterfront signify not only growth, but also a […]

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July 02 2013

Why Has San Francisco, California Turned Its Back On Student-Housing?

July 2nd, 2013Posted by 

The severe lack of affordable housing in San Francisco continues to plague the city’s residents. Students of higher education have not been exempt from this crisis, pushing aspiring young professionals into a predicament. How can we expect students to attend San Francisco’s universities if they cannot find a place to live? “San Francisco’s official student housing […]

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July 01 2013

Where Architects Go: The Top 10 Architecture Websites for 2013 – And Coverage of the Top 20

July 1st, 2013Posted by 

Last year we scoured the web to uncover the Top 20 International Architecture Websites 2012. After a thorough search, and with the help of Alexa International Rankings, we found the most popular sites used by both professionals and enthusiasts within the architecture community. Now one year later, it is time to click the refresh button […]

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July 01 2013

Where Urban Planners Go: The Top 10 Urban Planning Websites for 2013 – And Coverage of the Top 20

July 1st, 2013Posted by 

Last year, The Grid went on a mission to uncover the most popular urban planning-related websites for 2012. With extensive research and the help of Alexa International Rankings, we were able to compile a list of the top 20 websites for this specific niche. It is time for an update. In the list for 2013 […]

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June 18 2013

How the East Bay Bicycle Coalition is Making Ridership Accessible to all Residents

June 18th, 2013Posted by 

Promoting bicycle ridership has become a widespread mission across many regions, ranging from small towns to large cities. In California’s East Bay, the East Bay Bicycle Coalition (EBBC) has grown to be the primary advocacy group to make bicycling more feasible and safer on a large scale. The organization’s “guiding principles” include the following: Make […]

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June 04 2013

Does Urban Agriculture Have a Real Future in San Francisco, California?

June 4th, 2013Posted by 

After reading articles about residents growing vegetables in their backyards and seeing community gardens sprouting (pun intended) up in dense cities, I have become intrigued by this idea of growing your own produce instead of purchasing it at your local market. Is there a real future for this contemporary practice or will it continue to […]

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