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April 04 2015

Farewell to The Grid from Rebecca Mullen in Dublin, Ireland

April 4th, 2015Posted by 

When I first applied for The Grid I was incredibly reluctant to allow anyone to read anything I wrote. Despite this, my interest in pursuing a career in urban planning and a desire to learn more about planning in Dublin lead me to apply for the position. When I was actually chosen for the internship […]

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July 18 2014

Poised for Redevelopment: Boland’s Mill at Grand Dock in Dublin, Ireland

July 18th, 2014Posted by 

Boland’s Bakery Mill is located at the intersection of Barrow Street and Pearce Street beside Dublin’s Grand Canal Dock. This area has recently become one of the most popular locations in Ireland for domestic and international companies to establish offices. Facebook and Google are just some of the recent additions to the area, resulting in […]

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July 04 2014

Landlords Forced to Update Bedsit and Studio Style Apartments in Dublin, Ireland

July 4th, 2014Posted by 

At the beginning of February 2013, new regulations came into effect that forced landlords to provide a number of amenities not previously available in the traditional Dublin bedsit. Traditionally, bedsits would have consisted of a private room with somewhere for the occupant to sleep and possibly with some basic cooking facilities and a shared bathroom. This […]

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June 20 2014

Guinness’ Social & Recreational Legacy in Dublin, Ireland

June 20th, 2014Posted by 

Guinness has had a significant impact on how both tourists and locals alike enjoy Dublin. With over one million visitors a year, the Guinness Storehouse is the most popular attraction in Ireland.  Along with the Storehouse, Rupert Guinness Hall, St. Stephen’s Green and Iveagh Gardens are all recreational facilities provided to the city of Dublin […]

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June 06 2014

Guinness’ Impact on Dublin’s Public Housing: The Iveagh Trust & Hostel

June 6th, 2014Posted by 

There is no brand that is more closely associated with Ireland, and in particular Dublin, than Guinness.  The company has made an impact on the culture, economy, architecture and history of the city in an immeasurable amount of ways. In the city, most Dubliners would recognize the footprint of the Guinness Brewery on the architecture […]

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May 30 2014

Dublin Prioritizing Active Transportation & Healthy Living

May 30th, 2014Posted by 

Promoting a healthy lifestyle in Dublin is most definitely becoming an increasing priority in planning for the growth of the city. Providing better public transport links and improving facilities for cyclists and pedestrians is an integral part of Dublin City Council’s 2011-2017 Development Plan - outlined in depth in chapter five of the plan. Providing more […]

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May 16 2014

Silicon Docks & Global Tech’s Growing Footprint in the Greater Dublin Area

May 16th, 2014Posted by 

In 2013, Forbes named Ireland the “Best Country for Business.” Deciding factors included a low tax burden, investor protection and personal freedom, and as indicated by recent investment, it is clear that the global tech industry has taken note of the benefits of operating out of Ireland. Microsoft is a company that has long understood the […]

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April 30 2014

Dubliners Agree with Huffington’s List of “World’s Top 10 Most Disappointing Tourist Destinations”

April 30th, 2014Posted by 

Temple Bar is one of the oldest parts of Dublin. The quarter is located directly adjacent to Wood Quay, one of the most significant Viking settlements ever discovered. Temple Bar is filled with history including the first performance of the “Hallelujah!” Chorus of Handel’s Messiah in 1741 on Fishamble Street at the west end of […]

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April 07 2014

Repurposing the Public Toilets of Dublin, Ireland

April 7th, 2014Posted by 

Dotted around Dublin there are dozens of former “public conveniences” or public toilets now unused, boarded and chained shut. These small, single story Victorian and Edwardian units were once an essential part of everyday life for many Dubliners. During the last century, a number of public toilet units were constructed around the Dublin City area […]

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March 28 2014

Extending and Connecting Dublin’s Luas Tram Service

March 28th, 2014Posted by 

According to the 2011 census, 55% of commuters in Dublin travel by car or motorbike. The significant remainder of commuters use a variety of modes offered by public transportation. In 2004, the Luas, a light rail tram running through the city, was added to the already complicated Dublin public transport network. The network was previously […]

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March 14 2014

Revitalizing Dublin’s “Georgian Mile:” Controversy Surrounds ESB Headquarters

March 14th, 2014Posted by 

In 1965, despite significant protests, sixteen Georgian buildings were demolished in central Dublin to make way for the new Electricity Supply Board (ESB) Headquarters. The houses were part of the world’s longest Georgian streetscape, commonly known as Dublin’s Georgian Mile. Today, in place of the Georgian buildings, now stands an imposing brutalist office block by […]

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February 28 2014

The Irish Aversion to High-Rises and How Dublin is Dealing with Urban Sprawl

February 28th, 2014Posted by 

Urban sprawl in Dublin can be attributed to the hostility to high-rise living felt by many people in Ireland. The demand for homes is there, but it is not being met with apartments for two main reasons. Firstly, a majority of Dubliners don’t want to see high-rise buildings in the city. Dublin City Council recently […]

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