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March 27 2014

Haydarpasa Train Station & Istanbul-Gebze Line

March 27th, 2014Posted by 

The fourteen million people of Istanbul do not all live or work in the city center. With parts located on both the continent of Europe and Asia, the total coverage area of the city is around 5,461 square kilometres, with thirty-nine districts. There are people who commute everyday between the far east and west sides […]

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March 14 2014

The Galataport Project and the Transformation of Karakoy in Istanbul, Turkey

March 14th, 2014Posted by 

In the shadow of the recently opened Marmaray Sirkeci station, there lies Karakoy, with generous speculation surrounding the potential success of the Galataport Project. The Galataport Project is a cruise project which includes the development of an art museum, hotels, restaurants, bars, fast food joints, souvenir shops, shopping centers, office spaces, exhibition and fair areas […]

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March 07 2014

A Significant Problem: Lack of Public Libraries in Istanbul

March 7th, 2014Posted by 

In an age with the digitalization of libraries, one still looks for a cozy place to wonder around the shelves of millions of different stories. When was the last time a hand from the fifteenth century grasped onto your shoulder in the dead of silence? Or when was it last that you spaced out within […]

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