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April 23 2014

5 Years After the Formation of Nairobi’s “Friends of Karura Forest”

April 23rd, 2014Posted by 

Urban forests are a vital component of a city. They play an important role in maintaining the natural balance in urban areas. The social, psychological, recreational, and economic benefits of these forests are innumerable. However, of greater importance is the cooling urban heat island effect and climate moderation effects that these environmental ecosystems provide, resulting […]

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March 26 2014

The Right Direction? The Syokimau Commuter Train in Nairobi, Kenya

March 26th, 2014Posted by 

Kenyan towns, especially the City of Nairobi, continue to choke with traffic brought about by the over-dependence on the motor vehicle and the insufficiency of related infrastructure. One alternative that urban planners can use to overcome this challenge is mass rail transit. However, the existing rail system in Kenya is not capable of providing such […]

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March 11 2014

Nairobi Old Estates: A Glance at the Ofafa Jericho Eastlands

March 11th, 2014Posted by 

The City of Nairobi owes its development to the Kenya to Uganda Railway project, initiated by the colonialists in 1896. The railway ran from the coastal town of Mombasa to Kenya’s neighbor country Uganda. The town was then demarcated around 1905 through racial segregation and land was designated to different races; the Europeans, Indians, and […]

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February 24 2014

Opportunities of Urban Sprawl: Mlolongo Township, Kenya

February 24th, 2014Posted by 

Most African cities are characterized by an ever-rising urban population growth and the city of Nairobi is no exception. Various factors such as the natural rise in population, expansion of boundaries, and rural to urban migration have put Nairobi on the map as one of the cities with the highest urbanization rate. Kenya’s population in […]

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