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April 14 2011

“Bikitecture”- How Architecture and Urban Planning Affects Bicycling

April 14th, 2011Posted by 

I’m discussing cycling because of my excitement about CicLAvia on April 10th.  A year ago in Amsterdam, I experienced a wonderful self-guided tour where I rented a bike and rode to all corners of the city.  Amsterdam: March 2010 In Xi’an, China, I also rented a bicycle because the ancient city wall had recently […]

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March 31 2011

Catching Up to the Parametric Revolution: Generating Forms and Graphics in Architecture

March 31st, 2011Posted by 

Last time, I discussed how architectural processes are being redefined with new methods such as producing conceptual sketches in generative graphics programs.  This should not be a surprise to most designers, as writing code is becoming an essential part of architectural practice.  Parametricism In the past few years architect Patrik Schumacher has lectured worldwide to […]

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March 17 2011

Architecture Job Hunt: Useful Skills for 2011

March 17th, 2011Posted by 

Being in an architectural graduate school, surrounded by students and instructors using and developing the most up-to-date tools in design, gives me an inside look on what skills employers are seeking in new graduates.  Even those who have been out of school for some time still benefit from learning new programs and implementing them at […]

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March 03 2011

Architects, Prepared for the Architecture Job Upsurge?

March 3rd, 2011Posted by 

Many individuals looking for architecture jobs can start to breathe easier as the economic situation becomes more positive.  In the recent State of the Union address President Obama proposed the ‘Better Buildings’ Initiative, aiming to increase energy efficiency in commercial buildings by 20 percent in the next 10 years, which could mean a lot more […]

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