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December 17 2012

Paving the Way as a Nationally Recognized Hub for Urban Cyclists in Minneapolis, Minnesota

December 17th, 2012Posted by 

Minneapolis, Minnesota may best be known for its bitterly cold winters, so it may come as a surprise to some that the use of bicycles is one of the most prominent modes of transportation year round – even during those severely cold winters. The predominance of Minneapolis as the epicenter for biking culture has even […]

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December 03 2012

Review of “Writing About Architecture, Chapter 1: Skyscrapers as Superlatives”

December 3rd, 2012Posted by 

With the recent popularity in critical writing and blogging on various topics of interest, more writers are finding the approach of virtual sharing to be a more effective way to reach a broad spectrum of audiences. More specifically, when writing or critiquing on the topic of architecture and cities – a prevalent topic, it is […]

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November 19 2012

Minneapolis, Minnesota’s Riverfront Revitalization

November 19th, 2012Posted by 

The Land of 10,000 Lakes – a term most often used to describe the state of Minnesota. It was, however, the almighty Mississippi River that encouraged the formation and development of Minnesota’s more prominent cities – Minneapolis being one of them. The River put Minneapolis on the map by becoming the “Flour Milling Capital of […]

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November 05 2012

Infill Development: Towards an Innovative Approach to Redevelopment

November 5th, 2012Posted by 

It is no secret that vacant lots pose difficult challenges by influencing crime and the vitality of residential and commercial areas, which furthermore decreases tax bases and property values for urban areas. It is important now more than ever to address the surplus of vacant lots and properties, which despite good intentions and modest success, […]

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October 29 2012

Towards a New Multi-Modal System of Transportation in the Twin Cities: Minneapolis & Saint Paul, MN

October 29th, 2012Posted by 

Envision a scenario consisting of a strong urban core with dispersing traffic; mixed-income housing; new construction; streets, and building scale meant to reinforce a village-like atmosphere. With the help of zoning and regulations; subdivision ordinances; and transportation services, more and more cities nowadays are seeking to recreate. The Twin Cities are doing just that by […]

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