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December 20 2012

A Review: The BLDGBLOG Book Chapter 2: The Underground

December 20th, 2012Posted by 

Geoff Manaugh’s BLDGBLOG book attempts to frame the world as consisting of architecture, resultant of design choices, as legible texts similar to a work of literary fiction, and perhaps most importantly, open to the possibility of rebuilding. With his personal interests at the fore (including a penchant for novelistic allegory and acoustic quality of space), […]

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December 06 2012

Coping with Coal: Life after the Fisk and Crawford Coal Plants

December 6th, 2012Posted by 

In September, two coal-burning power plants on the Southwest side of Chicago closed down operations, leaving the nearby communities with the pressing question of how best to re-use the combined 132 acres.  The Fisk and Crawford coal plants have been decommissioned by their owner Midwest Generation in response to increasing pressure from community groups and […]

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November 22 2012

Affordable Housing Anxieties: Chicago and The Preservation Compact

November 22nd, 2012Posted by 

A typical three-story walkup building in Chicago Urban planners the world over recognize that affordable housing is crucial for neighborhood stability, as well as workforce diversity and the economic sustainability of a given region.  But in the summer of 2012, the tight rental market in major cities like Chicago meant that landlords could get record […]

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November 08 2012

Air-Cleaning Skyscrapers? The Chicago Gateway Towers Proposal

November 8th, 2012Posted by 

An innovative air-filtration system is the central feature of the proposed CO2ngress Gateway Towers, a skyscraper project envisioned by two students at the Illinois Institute of Technology. Situated over the busy Congress Parkway interchange, which serves some 77,000 vehicles a day, the two towers would capture CO2 from the air and feed it to algae […]

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