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July 29 2013

Is University-Induced Change Positive for Virginia?

July 29th, 2013Posted by 

Colleges and universities play a myriad of important roles in America’s major cities, metropolitan areas, and isolated college towns. They provide powerful economic assets, including research facilities and forums for academic and professional conferences. Moreover, major research universities, tend to pay their faculty members relatively generously, which increases their purchasing power. Aside from the obvious […]

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July 15 2013

The Military and the Urban Community: Responsibly and Sustainably Developing Military Installations in Hampton Roads

July 15th, 2013Posted by 

Many American cities face opportunities and challenges concerning the reuse of closed military installations. From Alameda, California to Hampton Roads, Virginia, responsibly and sustainably redeveloping military installations raises many questions concerning the effective use of massive tracts of land. In Hampton Roads, the closure of Fort Monroe, an Army installation at the mouth of the […]

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July 01 2013

Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen? Planning Challenges Facing American Metropolitan Areas

July 1st, 2013Posted by 

Urbanists and planners understand how important regional contexts are for achieving sustainable development. America’s major metropolitan regions are a diverse bunch. There are many highly-centralized metropolitan cities such as Boston, Houston, and Chicago, where the core city contains the preponderance of the population, commerce, and cultural icons. There are, however, multipolar regions where several large […]

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