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January 19 2012

Attention Architects: 5 Reasons You Need a Free Website Review

January 19th, 2012Posted by 

Are you an architecture student with a digital portfolio? Or an emerging professional seeking a client base? Or a designer with a growing architectural firm? If so, defining your brand and marketing your talents can be difficult. Fortunately, a free website review from Global Site Plans can help you build stronger industry distinction. Not quite convinced? Here […]

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January 05 2012

Detroit, Michigan International RiverWalk: Vision and Collaboration Make It A Reality

January 5th, 2012Posted by 

World-class entertainment, respected athletic teams, a prominent automotive headquarters, and a celebrated arts and cultural district set along an international waterway – Detroit, Michigan has always been a great events city. However, one of the city’s greatest assets, the Detroit riverfront, lay underutilized for years due to limited access and lack of connectivity. Then in […]

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December 22 2011

Detroit, Michigan: The Non-Motorized City?

December 22nd, 2011Posted by 

Frequently cited as an indicator of an emerging economy, bicycles are becoming the symbol of sustainable and productive communities. From Copenhagen, Denmark, to Portland, Oregon, bicyclists represent a considerable portion of daily commuters. Will the Motor City (Detroit, Michigan) ever relinquish its auto-centric ideals for the benefits of pedal power? A combination of rising gas […]

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December 08 2011

Urban Farms Changing the Detroit, Michigan Landscape

December 8th, 2011Posted by 

Shrinking cities, such as Detroit, Michigan, present challenging obstacles for urban planners, city council members, and residents, because they do not shrink uniformly from the perimeter inward. Instead, we are left with gaps in the urban fabric; vacant land and empty lots expanding like dark matter in our city and urban neighborhoods.  Urban farming can […]

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November 24 2011

5 Suggestions for the FiELD9:architecture Website

November 24th, 2011Posted by 

This designer has a very impressive portfolio of work; the projects reveal sensitivity to sustainability, scale, texture, and function. At present, I feel the FiELD9: architecture website does not do justice to the talents and passions of the designer.  The “brand” FiELD9 is unique and innovative, and these suggestions are intended to support the needs […]

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November 10 2011

IntelliStreets: Lighting the Way for Sustainable Cities

November 10th, 2011Posted by 

Fall 2011, independently organized TEDxDetroit assembled an impressive line-up of Michigan entrepreneurs to share their Big Ideas with Detroit’s active social network.  The focus of the day was sustainability: responsible business, exceptional education, strong communities, and innovative technologies.   So, what’s the Big Idea for cities? Intelligent Streets. The IntelliStreets name demonstrates the importance of branding […]

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