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December 25 2013

A Farewell to The Grid from Alexandra Serbana

December 25th, 2013Posted by 

As my internship with The Grid is ending and the last month of the year 2013 goes by, I find myself standing at another one of life’s many crossroads. It is a bit ironic that the end of my blogging experience for Milan is due as I am about to leave the city that was […]

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December 11 2013

University as an Engine of Urban Transformation in Milan, Italy

December 11th, 2013Posted by 

Industrial areas can be actors that promote urban transformation in cities. Milan had a strong industrial and economic production, which can be seen today in its large industrial sites. The area of Bovisa is an ex-industrial area in the north-east region of the city outskirts, close to the new Milano Fiera and future Expo areas. […]

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November 27 2013

Is Parco Sud a Park or Agricultural Land?: A Southern Milan Debate

November 27th, 2013Posted by 

Parks have always been considered as green spaces for recreational use. Lately, urban planning policies have been expanding their definition by providing significant attention to different types of green spaces across the city – and their functionalities. “The Rural Park of South Milan,” also known as “Parco Sud,” is an example of how diverse a park can […]

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November 13 2013

One Univeristy, Two Differently Designed Campuses in Milan, Italy

November 13th, 2013Posted by 

The Polytechnic University of Milan is the oldest university of the city, and is also the largest technical university in Italy specialized in Engineering, Architecture, and Design. Founded in 1863, it has two main campuses in Milan where the majority of the research and teaching activity are located, and other satellite campuses in cities like Como, Piacenza, and Lecco. These two campuses are […]

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October 30 2013

The Italian Rush: Does Noise Define the Milaneze Lifestyle?

October 30th, 2013Posted by 

Like all Italian cities, Milan is defined by its urban structure and habits of its citizens. As a resident of the city, it is easy to monitor the pattern of urban life. In the morning, side street bars are characterized by the rush of those drinking espresso before going to work, while the evening is driven […]

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October 16 2013

Can Temporary Urban Gardens be the New Park(ing) in Milan, Italy?

October 16th, 2013Posted by 

Milan is facing a problem that has been a challenge for urban planning ever since the invasion of cars: the issue of parking spaces. Where and how many are questions that need answers in order to satisfy agglomerated cities all over the world. But nowadays, even too much parking can give rise to issues, and […]

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October 02 2013

Quadrilateral of Fashion: Milan’s Planning Design Shapes its Economic Districts

October 2nd, 2013Posted by 

Often called the ‘design heart’ of Italy, Milan is a city that provides a cultural and economical diversity which is reflected in the urban planning and layout of its districts, as well as in the events that take place during the year. Quadrilatero della Moda, also called Via Monte Napoleone, represents Milan’s fashion district, a […]

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September 18 2013

The Magic of Colonne di San Lorenzo in Milan, Italy

September 18th, 2013Posted by 

By day a piazza, by night an adventurous hangout; this is the transformation that as urban planners we attempt to provide within a city. But can this type of functionality emerge in places we least expect? Once the structure of a second century temple or public bath, the Colonne of San Lorenzo now represents a well-known […]

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September 04 2013

The Green Side of Milan: Can a Tree Brighten Up Your Neighbourhood?

September 4th, 2013Posted by 

Milan, like all Italian cities, has a concentrated urban tissue and dispersed land for green use. As a tourist or a city-dweller, you can recognize two types of green spaces based on the density and shape of their use: concentrated and linear areas. Concentrated green spaces can be defined by parks and gardens, while linear […]

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August 21 2013

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: The Battlefield of Milan’s Urban Skyline

August 21st, 2013Posted by 

In Milan, the history of urban planning is physically present in the many different typologies of neighborhoods and areas. The development of the city can be gradually measured by the rise of projects which have completely changed the city’s skyline in the last ten years. Il Duomo di Milano, the fifth largest cathedral in the […]

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August 07 2013

Fashionable Milan: Does Design Week “Re-Design” the City?

August 7th, 2013Posted by 

Milan is internationally acknowledged for its strong, unique identity in industrial design, fashion, and architecture. Every year the city hosts events that have a temporary imprint on the urban design and street dynamics in several neighborhoods. “Fashion Week” is a week-long event in which fashion designers and brands display their new collections in organized runway […]

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July 24 2013

Cheating on Vespa with BikeMi in Milan, Italy

July 24th, 2013Posted by 

Since the late 1700s, cities have been impacted by the different means of transportation that they provide. Urban planners have increasingly faced challenges in adapting infrastructure systems to accommodate new forms of mobility. One of the issues nowadays is the dense presence of the bicycle in the city as a form of sustainable transportation. In Milan, BikeMi, along with private owned bicycles, […]

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July 10 2013

Sustainable Campuses: Universities Acting Locally and Educating Globally

July 10th, 2013Posted by 

One of the main concerns of urban planners nowadays is designing for a more sustainable environment. As planners, we commit to provide innovative ideas for sustainable urban design – but what about the others? When it comes to these sustainability principles, universities play a strong role in educating the next generation. Can universities educate a lifestyle towards more sustainable behavior? […]

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