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September 13 2012

Historic Hayden Flour Mill Now Open to the Public on Mill Avenue

September 13th, 2012Posted by 

Downtown Tempe is home to Hayden Flour Mill, built around 125 years ago in downtown Tempe, Arizona.  It was re-established in 2010, but up until then, it was a worn-down, old building, that created an eyesore for passersby. Don’t get me wrong, I can appreciate the beauty in tarnished, historical buildings, but this building was […]

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July 19 2012

Showcasing and Exploring the Urban Fabric of Downtown Tempe, Arizona

July 19th, 2012Posted by 

Downtown Tempe, Arizona has a variety of destinations that create a unique space syntax between modern urban blocks, natural desert landscape, historical buildings, and a man made lake, to name a few. It’s the perfect destination for anyone that likes good music, the sun, the desert, and interesting architecture. The desert doesn’t quite seem like […]

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July 05 2012

How to Activate Neighborhood Parks in Downtown Tempe, Arizona

July 5th, 2012Posted by 

How important is measuring park use for urban planners? Should it be of concern to planners when a neighborhood park is empty or underutilized? I live next to Jaycee Park, a park that is exploding with noise daily. This recently renovated park proves the importance of parks as essential for community building. When parks cater […]

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